Tips For English Speakers Taking Their Practical Driving Exam in Spain

If you lived in Spain before Brexit, then you were able to apply for a Spanish driving license without the need to take a driving test. If you move to Spain after Brexit, however, you cannot drive using the license issued in your native country, and must instead sit the Spanish driving test.

Taking any driving test can feel like a daunting process, but even more so if you’re taking your test in a foreign country, and in a language you don’t speak. The good news is that there are many driving schools in Spain that offer lessons in English, meaning that you can get behind the wheel safe in the knowledge that all of the instructions you’re given will be in your native tongue. The bad news? That, even if you learn to drive with an English-speaking instructor, your final test will have to be taken in Spanish.  Here’s everything you need to know:

Taking Your Spanish Driving Test in English

If you inform your driving school and the DGT in advance, it is possible to take your driving theory test in English. Many driving schools in Spain will also help you prepare for your theoretical driving test in English, offering you English instructors and practice exams in English too. Though beware that the English translations used in the tests can often be a little confusing, but you will get more used to this the more practice tests you take. Your theory test will ask you 30 multiple choice questions from a pool of 3,000 potential questions, and you’ll need to answer 90 percent of them correctly to pass.

When it comes to your practical test, however, you’ll have no choice but to take it in Spanish. If you don’t speak Spanish then you are advised to either take a few basic lessons or practice the words and phrases you’ll need during your test so that you can pass your test and drive in Spain!

Should I Take My Lessons in English?

As the test will be in Spanish, many would-be drivers ask whether it is worth booking their lessons in English in the first place. The answer to this question depends on how much Spanish you speak. If you have little to no Spanish then we would recommend starting your lessons in English, and then get a few lessons in Spanish so you can get to know the vocabulary before your test, once you have built your confidence on the road.

Already confident on the road and used to driving in your native country? Then you may find going straight into Spanish lessons will help you to learn the terms you will need to understand and pass your test as soon as possible.

The number of words you need to know in Spanish is actually quite small, in order to understand the instructions for the test. Often very few words are exchanged between the driver and the examiner.

Finding an English-Speaking Driving School

Here is a list of English-Speaking driving schools in the country, who can prepare you for your theory test in English, and then help you prepare for your practical test in a combination of both English and Spanish, depending on your needs:


Corsa International

Corsa International driving school has three different locations in the city. They offer both face-to-face and online practical and theoretical driving lessons in English.

Driving School Barcelona

Driving School Barcelona is a specialised English-speaking driving school. They offer both classroom-based theoretical classes and private driving lessons.

Autoescuela Driving BCN

Autoescuela Driving BCN offers European-certified driving instructors who have experience driving and teaching in different countries. Director Paula and her team have a great level of English and teach both theoretical and practical driving lessons.

Alicante Province

Autoescuela Eurovial

Located in Benidorm, Autoescuela Eurovial has many years’ experience and multilingual teachers to help you obtain your license.

Autoescuela Jonia

Situated in the centre of Villajoyosa, Autoescuela offers a special English driving course, which includes English theory books, access to English theory tests and driving lessons taught in English.

Malaga province

Urbano Autoescuelas

Urbano driving school has various locations across the Malaga province. They offer both theoretical and practical lessons in English at their schools in Fuengirola, Marbella and Mijas.

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