3 Important Tips When Driving in Spain

When you're taking a trip to Spain, it's important that you handle crucial matters like your transportation.

You may have anxiety about driving in Spain, but it's really a simple matter of having your ducks in a row. With some planning and foresight, you'll be able to hit the streets in a rental with no problem.

If you're apprehensive, the tips in this article should set you straight. Consider these tips so that you're in the driver's seat and ready to the next time you travel to Spain.

Handle Your Research and Navigation When Driving in Spain

Not knowing where you are is no fun at home, so imagine how frustrating it can be in a country where you don't speak the language or know where you're going.

Touch base with your mobile provider so that you have an international plan ready to go before even getting on the plane. Set your language in advance so that you're able to understand the GPS. You should also take some time to figure out the attractions you want to hit, so you have the lay of the land.

If necessary, you should be able to rent a quality GPS with updated maps at the time of your car rental.

Be Sure You Have the Right Documentation For Your License

You also need to make sure that you have the license in place so you're street legal. The last thing you would want is to get hit with an infraction because you're driving illegally.

In Spain, authorities recognize driver's licenses from elsewhere in Europe, so if you're licensed at home, you'll be in good hands. Keep your passport handy and valid as well, as you may need more than one form of identification when renting a vehicle.

In most situations, you need to be 18 to drive and 21 to rent a vehicle. Check with any rules and regulations within individual jurisdictions, and touch base with the appropriate office to make sure your paperwork is handled on time.

Learn Your Vehicle and the Rules of the Road

Finally, always choose a vehicle that gets great fuel economy and suits your sensibilities.

Since you'll be navigating new territories, it's important to have as much comfort as possible going into it the trip. Choose a vehicle that you can drive easily, and make sure to familiarize yourself with signs, laws and other nuances that will come into play when driving in Spain.

When shopping for a rental, choose the vehicle that will best accommodate what you.

Always Plan and Prepare

As you can see, you're always in good hands driving in Spain whenever you plan ahead.

Take the time to strategize by using these three points, and ease this transition by touching base with professionals that can help you out.

When you handle your trip planning in this manner, you'll make this trip to Spain the best ever. A lot goes into planning a trip, so take some time to browse our posts to learn more.

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