Your Ultimate Travel Guide for Costa Del Sol, Spain

Costa Del Sol or the Sun Coast is a breathtaking region in southern Spain that stretches along the Meditteranean Sealine. It boasts over 3,000 hours of sunlight each year and is known for its relaxing lifestyle.

With summer temperatures that linger around 23 degrees and winter temperatures that rarely dip below 10 degrees, Costa Del Sol, Spain is the perfect travel destination or second home location.

Read on for our guide on all the things you need to see and do while in the area!

Natural Landmarks in Costa Del Sol, Spain

Nerja Caves

The Nerja Caves are a 4 km long cave complex located near the town of Nerja. They were discovered in 1956 by a group of bat hunters.

It hosts the world's largest and longest stalactite, measuring in at 33 meters high.

Parietal art (or cave paintings) dating back to the stone age were discovered in one of the chambers in 1985. The caves were then declared a National Heritage Site by the Spanish government.

Visitors can tour the caves 363 days a year (excludes January 1 and May 15). It's recommended that you purchase tickets ahead of time.


Costa Del Sol boasts some of the most breathtaking and relaxing beaches in the world. There are hundreds of amazing beaches along this coastline and each has a distinct and unique offering.

But here are a few of our favourites.

  1. Fuente De Salud
  2. La Rada
  3. Fuengirola
  4. Casablanca
  5. Guadalmina

You don't have to look far to find a beach you'll love in Costa Del Sol!

Cultural Attractions You Have to See

Alhambra Palace

Named for its red colour, the Alhambra Palace, or "the red one" is a historical site located in Granada.

The original palace was constructed in AD 889 on Roman ruins. It was renovated in the 13th century and converted into a royal palace in 1333.

It was the home of Ferdinand and Isabella who authorized Columbus voyage to the Americas.

The Alhambra was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984 and is a necessary stop for any visitors and locals.

Museo Picasso Malaga

The iconic artist, Pablo Picasso, was born in the Costa Del Sol city of Malaga. And in 2003 the museum in his memory opened its doors to the public.

Members of Picasso's family have donated almost 300 works of art to the museum. And the library on site holds over 800 titles related to Picasso and his work.

The museum is a must-see for art aficionados and travellers alike. It provides an intimate perspective of the legendary artist's life.

Record-Breaking Boardwalks

Currently under construction between Nerja and Manilva is the worlds longest seaside path. Once completed (projected in 2019) it will stretch for 163 kilometres.

The path was designed to increase outdoor activity along the coastline and bring residents and visitors outside.

You can enjoy the path in pieces or plan a trip around the full stretch!

What Next?

Now that you've had a small taste of what Costa Del Sol, Spain has to offer, it's time to book a visit!

And if you're looking to buy a home in this heavenly coastline, use our home search tool to find the property that's right for you! With beach-front homes starting as low as 80,000 Euros, there's a place for everyone!