Why There Are So Many Tech Jobs Available In Malaga Right Now

If you have qualifications within the tech sector and are looking for a new job then there’s no better place to be than in Malaga right now. This is because there are a huge number of technology job vacancies in the region as a result of a substantial shortfall in qualified candidates.

Whilst this is good news for qualified job hunters it isn’t good news for the sector as a whole and has only highlighted the need for enhanced training opportunities in the region. Here’s everything you need to know:

Why Are There So Many Job Vacancies?

The reason why there are so many unfilled tech job vacancies in Malaga right now isn’t a lack of interested potential applicants but a lack of courses available in the area to ensure that local people have the qualifications they need to fill these roles.

This is largely because whilst the demand for qualified tech professionals has soared, both the University of Malaga and vocational training institutions in the area are not adjusting their programmes to meet this demand.

One example of this is the newly launched cybersecurity programme at the University of Malaga. Only 67 out of 420 applicants secured spots, meaning that 6 out of each 7 applicants won’t get the qualifications they need to apply for cybersecurity job roles. This isn’t an isolated incident. At the Campanillas Integrated Public Centre for Vocational Training there is a considerable waiting list for all IT and communications-related professional certificates.

How Many Jobs Are Available?

The demand for technology professionals in Malaga is significant. According to the Fundación Tecnológica's interactive job market analysis there is a recent demand for almost 10,000 job positions within Malaga province. Of those roles, 1,109 of them are in the technology sector. Software developers, digital project managers, community managers, software architects, and systems administrators rank among the most sought-after roles.

Whilst the number of vacancies available is unique to Malaga, demand for technology sector employees is only increasing in Spain right now. There are currently over 30,000 people employed in technology roles and over the past six years alone, the sector has added 6,000 jobs, marking a staggering 117% increase.

A huge number of international and multinational tech companies are moving their operations to Spain right now, and this has only increased the demand for qualified tech professionals across the country.

What Can Be Done To Solve This?

Authorities in Malaga are aware that the demand for tech training has far outstripped the availability of courses in the area. According to Manuel Enciso, director of ETSI Informática,"The enthusiasm of aspiring students and the willingness of companies to hire them are evident. Clearly, the university is not keeping pace with this societal need."

Whilst the university doesn’t have any remaining budget or resources, Enciso goes on to propose that "The immediate provision of new facilities is not an absolute prerequisite; we can accommodate one or two additional cohorts with the requisite faculty and a commitment to subsequent infrastructure improvements.”

Whilst there are limitations currently, and this has led to a big skills gap in the sector in Malaga, the demand for tech experts has the potential to be great news for the future of the city. Malaga University intends to add a thousand new openings, will also add six new qualifications (four of which are technology-related), and introduce work-based educational schemes where residents can undergo on the job training to address the demand-supply imbalance in the city in coming years.

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