Where Are The Cheapest Places to Live in the Costa Del Sol

Ready to invest in property on the Costa Del Sol, but you want to buy on a budget? Then you’re probably wondering where the cheapest places to live in the Costa Del Sol are! Spain in general, and the Costa del Sol in particular, is an incredibly popular location both for expats and second home owners.  But this popularity means that some properties at the luxury end of the market can be incredibly expensive. That doesn’t mean there aren’t options if you’re looking for the most economical place to buy in costa del sol. To help you with your property search here is our comprehensive breakdown of the cheapest places to live in the Costa del Sol:

3 Cheapest Coastal Places to Buy on the Costa Del Sol

If you’re just starting your property search and trying to stick to a tight budget then Estepona, Los Monteros, and east Marbella are all great to target. Each of these locations has their own unique charm, but because they are removed from the most popular tourist locations in the Costa del Sol, this is reflected in the property price. You will be able to benefit from all the perks of living in a beach-adjacent location, but without the inflated price tag, these towns remain some of the most affordable places to buy and live in the Costa Del Sol.

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Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of living in each of these locations:

Living in Estepona

Estepona is a relatively small resort town with a population of just over 67,000. Cultural tradition remains strong in Estepona, and you will find locals keen to share their traditions, festivals, and values here, but the town also has a vibrant expat community. Offering an idyllic coastal location, Estepona also has all the practical benefits that an expat might look for, including world class medical facilities, excellent restaurants and easily accessible supermarkets, and high-quality golf courses too. Estepona is also only 80km away for Malaga airport, and the international transport links it offers.

For these reasons and more, Estepona is a popular choice for retirees living on a small pension, who are also attracted by the bustling expat community and low crime rates. But perhaps the biggest draw of Estepona is that property is so reasonably priced. You can buy a great value home in Estepona and living costs are affordable too. Whilst property prices are rising in the town (with an increase of 4.6% on property prices in 2019), no doubt because of its growing popularity, they still remain at the lower end for areas within the Costa Del Sol, whilst still offering all the facilities you would be looking for.

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Living in Fuengirola

If you’re looking for a cheap place to live in Spain, then maybe Fuengirola is the answer. An authentic Spanish working town, that also happens to be incredibly popular with tourists! Thanks to its excellent location, the transport links presented by Fuengirola are of particular note, but the town itself also has plenty to offer in terms of charm and entertainment. And it will offer it on a reasonable budget too! You can expect to pay just 8 euros for a meal in an expensive restaurant here, whilst a pint of domestic draught beer will set you back just 2 euros. The costs for taxis and public transportation are also low, whilst property prices are below the average for the region, making it a very affordable area to live.

Fuengirola is a busy, bustling location so there’s always something going on. Depending on whether you wish to live in the town centre or outside it is (which is a slightly cheaper option) property prices here start from an average of 1,762.50 euros per square metre. Fuengirola boasts beautiful beaches, a huge selection of restaurants serving both local and international cuisine, and an abundance of leisure activities too. It’s an ideal location for expats that like to be busy and in the thick of things, whilst still keeping in budget.

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Living in East Marbella

Marbella is considered an incredibly desirable location for international property hunters, and has been attracting rich and famous tourists since the 1960s. Well known for its luxury villas, Marbella boasts vibrant beach clubs, high-quality shopping malls, and a host of high-end bars and restaurants. So far, so expensive! But the question here is where are the cheapest places to live in the Costa del Sol: and the answer is to look east. East Marbella is by far the most affordable area to buy and live in. Property here is great value, and you will also find a host of ‘hidden gem’ restaurants and bars where the prices are far more competitive than in the flashy marinas nearby.

The cost of living in Marbella is 41% cheaper than living in London, 31% cheaper than living in Paris and 12% cheaper than living in Rome (Source). So, depending on where in the world you are visiting from, you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised by not only the price of property, but also the cost of living, in the region.

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