What Is The Best Way To Fly Between Spain And The U.S? Here Are Your Options

More Americans than ever are choosing to visit Spain for their summer vacations, either as a standalone trip or as part of a wider European tour. But how are Americans traveling to Spain right now? There is a real mixture of carriers offering direct flights to many Spanish airports as well as those offering indirect flights which tend to be a slightly less expensive option.

With that in mind here’s everything you need to know about flying between Spain and the USA right now if you're thinking about moving to Spain from the US:

How Long Does It Take To Fly Between Spain And The U.S?

The flight time between Spain and the U.S will depend on your departure airport, because America is such a large country that getting across it can add considerably to your flight time. The average flight time between Spain and the US is 8 hours 59 minutes. The shortest route available is between Madrid and Boston, which takes just seven hours, and the longest is between Barcelona and Los Angeles, which takes 11 hours and 45 minutes.

How Many Direct Flight Options Are Available?

The most popular carrier between Spain and the U.S. is American Airlines according to data released by Skyscanner but that isn’t the only carrier offering direct flights available. Other carriers currently offering direct routes between Spain and the United States include United, Iberia, Lufthansa, Air Europa, Finnair, KLM, Virgin Atlantic, Delta and Level.

Most flights to and from America will arrive in Spain’s biggest airports which are in Madrid and Barcelona but there are direct routes to other Spanish cities at various times of year, particularly during the warmer summer months.

An example of this is that United offers seasonal direct services between New York and Málaga, Mallorca or Tenerife. These start in around May and end in the fall.

Where Can I Fly To Spain From?

America is a massive country with a huge number of airports, but to fly directly to and from Spain you will have to travel to a larger hub airport. The U.S. cities that offer direct flights to and from Spain right now include Miami, New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles.

Are Their Budget Airline Options Available?

Most of the international carriers mentioned in the list of available airlines above are international carriers but there are some budget options in the list. Level is a budget airline, for example. Level is a no frills airline owned by the Spanish carrier Iberia but it’s important to note that there are no extras included in the prices offered. Everything, such as food and luggage, costs extra. This means this is only the cheapest option if you are happy to take your own food and travel without a suitcase.

You should also note that some national carriers will now charge for baggage. The best plan of action is to look at what luggage you will need and work out which carrier offers the cheapest prices with these extras included. Sometimes it will seem like one airline is cheaper, but when you go to add your bag, you’ll find that it’s actually more expensive than another, which initially seemed cheaper.

Is It Worth Looking At A Route With A Stopover?

Routes with stopovers can sometimes be more affordable than booking a direct flight. This also gives you more options of airlines to choose from and means that you can travel from an American city, or to a Spanish city, that doesn’t offer direct routes.

Some of the most popular airlines from Spain to the US with stopovers are TAP Portugal, Aer Lingus, British Airways and Sata Azores.

Be aware, that if you are changing planes and going straight through many airlines that stop over don’t offer a lot of time in between.  This means you can be changing planes in a rush which can feel stressful. This also means that if your first flight is delayed, you will likely miss your connection which could have a knock on effect on your holiday.

How Much Do Flights Between Spain And The U.S. Cost?

Flight prices change all the time so it is difficult to give a specific and accurate answer to this question. But  according to Skyscanner, there are round-trip flights from as little as €265 and one-way flights from Spain to the United States from €199, for East Coast cities if you’re planning to travel before the end of 2023.

Finding good deals is not always easy, and these prices will often cost more when you factor in the cost of your luggage and any other extras you might need. But if you’re prepared to shop around and take a stop over it is possible to travel from the U.S and enjoy the Costa Del Sol on a budget.

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