What Are The Benefits Of Living In Spain?

Many people decide to move to Spain after enjoying a pleasurable holiday, but living somewhere permanently is a completely different experience.

It´s important to consider the benefits and disadvantages before making the decision to move to Spain permanently.

Living in Spain Full Time

Moving to a different country can be an amazing experience, but it won´t make all your existing problems disappear!

The fact is, adapting to a different culture and language, can make finding a rewarding career difficult.

This article can give you a broad range of issues to consider, and help you make the correct decision.

Benefits To Living In Spain

Weather and Climate

Many people move for the weather, and you can see why. Malaga, for example, has on 105 clear days of sunshine every year! However, contrary to belief, it can get very cold in Spain, and can rain torrentially. The real advantage of living in Southern Spain, comes not in the predictably hot summer months, but the ability to wake up with clear blue skies in the winter! You rarely feel the winter blues like you may do in Northern Europe.


Spain´s beaches are some of the best in the world, and you often find great restaurants and nightlife in these areas. Many people will initially move to these areas, because this was their first Spanish experience, and they will find many people that speak their language.

Health & Lifestyle

The beauty of Spain, is it´s culture of ´Outdoor Living´ which enables people to partake in sporting activities & fitness all year round. The Mediterranean diet is also world renowned as being incredibly healthy, as it contains a lot of fresh fish and vegetables. The Spanish also cook a lot of their food in olive oil.


Spain is rich with culture, with many historical places of interest, not to mention many historical figures that people are fascinated by. There is a long history of famous artists and writers. There are also many annual events in every region, that the Spanish are passionate about. Easter is huge here, with many Fiestas and processions. The Spanish people love to party, and have a very positive attitude to life!!

Flight Frequency & Cost

Spain has fantastic flight connections with the rest of Europe-especially England. You can fly to many Spanish cities, from several UK airports, and these prices (at the time of writing) have never been cheaper!! This makes visiting your friends and family incredibly easy, and likewise, they will want to visit you in the sun – should you want them to!!

Welcoming & Friendly

The Spanish people are very welcoming to tourists, and ex-pats. I certainly have never had any problems in the 10 years I have lived here. It of course helps to learn the language! This broadens your social, and professional horizons significantly.

Cost Of Living In Spain

The cost of living in Spain has definitely increased in recent years, which coupled with economic issues, made it more difficult to live here. However, it is still relatively cheap when compared with other countries. The Spanish economy is definitely improving as well.

Property is still much less than other large cities in Europe – both to rent and to buy. It is possible to rent fantastic properties for relatively low prices.

The quality of life is generally very high in Spain, which has made it seductive to ex-pats for decades.

Spain still represents amazing value for money, for those people from more developed economies who are either retired or earning Northern European or US salaries. For these expats, a very high quality of life is available for the current cost of living.

Retiring In Spain

Retiring in Spain is a great option, as the cost of living is relatively low. You will also find yourself saving on things like heating and electricity, due to it´s amazing climate, and outdoor living culture.