What´s On - Costa Del Sol Málaga - Summer 2019

The Costa Del Sol Málaga region of Spain is one of the most exciting and dynamic, particularly during the summer months.

There’s always something to see and do.

Here are some of our picks of the best and the biggest events that you can attend in the Costa Del Sol this season:

The Festival of the Virgin Carmen

16 July 2019

The Festival of the Virgin Carmen is one of the most well-known festivals both in Malaga and in the whole of Spain. It is dedicated to honouring the life of the Virgin Carmen, the patron saint of the sea. Because Malaga is a coastal resort its relationship with the ocean is considered to be of vital importance, which is why this festival is so revered, and why it is celebrated by so many people.

At the simple event the statue of the Virgin Carmen is taken out to see in a traditional fishing boat accompanied by local villagers in surrounding fishing boats. The waters are then blessed by the local priest before the Virgin Carmen is brought back to shore and paraded through the streets of the village in a procession. It is a wonderful visual spectacle, and quite unlike anything you have experienced before. Well worth a visit.

The Alamos Beach Festival

31 July-4 August 2019

If you love electronic music then the Alamos Beach Festival is the perfect event for you. Although it is only five years old, Alamos is one of the fastest growing electronic festivals in Spain, attracting top acts alongside huge crowds of celebrities and festival-goers.

This year, some of the acts that will perform at the festival include Oliver Heldens, Fatima Hajji, and Salvatore Ganacci. As well as the incredible music, the atmosphere of the festival makes it well worth attending. The staging, production values, lighting and special effects all transform the coastline into a wonderland of colours and modern, futuristic effects. You’ll also find a pool stage, an abundance of local food vendors, and even a fair ground. A music festival with guaranteed sunshine? Los Alamos is the perfect pick!

The Malaga Fair

15 August – 24 August 2019

The city’s historic summer festival is just as popular with tourists as it is with locals. It is a cultural experience that maintains a cosmopolitan, international flavour. The fair was established to celebrate the incorporation of Malaga into the Kingdom of Castile by the Catholic Monarchs who first entered the city on 19 August 1487. That is why the fair is held on the same week each August.

The fair incorporates different aspects on every day of the event. Each day you will find a host of stalls selling local produce, handicrafts, and local cuisine. Throughout the week you can also enjoy horse riders, wine tasting, music, fairgrounds, live performances, and entertainment of every kind. On certain evenings throughout the fair you can also enjoy firework displays.

If you’re spending time in Malaga in August then this is the perfect place to gather with friends or family, offering something to entertain visitors of all ages.

5 Estepona Open Water Swim

21 July 2019

The average temperatures in the Costa Del Sol during the summer are 26 degrees, and during the afternoon averages can reach 29 degrees. This is the perfect weather for heading to the coast and spending some time in the ocean. It’s good news, then, that the Fifth Virgen del Carmen Coronada Open Water Swim is held during this warmest of seasons. This is a charity swimming race for individuals of all ages.

Depending on your age or experience you can take part in one of four races. The short race for children (300 metres), the long race for children (600 metres), the short race for adults (1250 metres) and the long race for adults (2500 metres). The event begins at 10.30am and is held on the Rada beach, in front of Plaza ABC in Estepona. It’s easy to reach the event via public transport and the event is open to both locals and visitors. It’s the perfect opportunity to try your hand at open water swimming and cool off at the same time.

The Porton Del Jazz Festival

5th July-25th July 2019

One of the most established music festivals in the region, the Porton Del Jazz Festival was first established in the mid nineties. It sees a live jazz music concert held outdoors every Friday evening throughout July. Featuring great music, a fully licensed bar, and the chance to socialise with friends in the cool evening air, the Porton Del Jazz Festival is the perfect place to catch up with loved ones after a week at work.

Tickets cost just 15 euros per person, so attending won’t break the bank, and you can pay for your tickets on the gate making this the ideal choice if you’re looking for something fun to do at the last minute. Why not go ahead and be impulsive?

For more music events take a look at our comprehensive music guide.

If you’re thinking of relocating to the Costa Del Sol, and want to be in the heart of the action, then why not get in touch with us today? We can help you to find your dream house close to all of your favourite event locations, and ensure you never miss out on your favourite activities again!