Want to Work in Spain? Here's How Expats Can Find a Job

Spain is an amazing country to move to. It has mouthwatering cuisine, breathtaking beaches, and weather you can only dream of.

But unless you're a secret billionaire, you're going to have to work to afford your bills and a comfortable lifestyle. Read on to find out some tips to work in Spain as an expat.

How to Work in Spain as an Expat

Although finding a job successfully will be harder as an expat than a native, it's still doable. Here is a small checklist of useful things to help you work in Spain.

Look Up the Permits You Need

If you're an EU or EEA citizen, then you're in luck. Because you have freedom of movement, you can move to Spain and work in the country without needing to apply for special permits. This means if you really wish to, you can fly over and rent an apartment to live in without securing a job first.

If you're from anywhere else, then you usually can only stay up to 90 days maximum. Regardless of where you're from, apply for a national identity card (NIE) within 90 days since it can help move other processes along quicker, such as applying for a bank account.

Gather the Relevant Documents

Before you leave your home country, make sure you bring all your important documents along with you. Not only will you need them to get a job, but you'll need them to register with the government and to rent/buy a house.

Not only will you have to apply for an NIE, but you'll also have to apply for a social security number. You can only get one after you receive your NIE, so make sure you get that first before you try and apply for your social security number.

Learn Spanish

The main language spoken in Spain is Spanish, so if you don't have a clue how to speak the language, start as early as possible. By learning to speak Spanish, not only will you be able to navigate everyday life and read official documents better, but you'll have more job opportunities available to you too.

With a relatively high unemployment rate, Spain can be a difficult country to find a job in, even if you're a native. You already have a competitive edge by having English skills; by adding Spanish skills to that, you'll have a leg up on the rest of the workforce looking for jobs.


Get in touch with other expats to find job opportunities that are more suited for foreigners. You may even be able to secure a referral! Plus, you can make some friends to spend time with in case you ever feel homesick.

Work in Spain with No Problems

Moving countries is one problem; working is another. You don't want to have a smooth move just to find out you can't work in Spain.

By doing your research early and knowing everything you need to work in the country, you'll open the door to many opportunities as soon as you touch down in Spain.

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