Visiting Spain This Easter? Here Are All The Opening Hours You Need To Know

Easter is one of the most important national holidays in Spain. More than just a religious celebration it is also a time for parades, fairs, and family reunions. Easter in Spain is a big deal.

Because there are so many public holidays during Easter week across Spain, which can vary from region to region, it’s important to know when your nearest restaurant, supermarket, and pharmacy will be open. Many shops are closed or operate reduced hours over the holidays. You might also want to consider stocking up on essentials before the Easter celebrations begin.

When Are The Easter Holidays in Spain In 2024?

Easter Sunday falls on 31st March this year, but in Spain the Easter celebrations run from Sunday 24th March under April 1st, which is Easter Monday. Easter is a celebration that lasts more than a week in Spain.

No matter where you are in the country, Good Friday (29th March) is a public holiday. Any other holidays will vary from region to region. For example 28th March (known as Maundy Thursday) is a public holiday everywhere in Spain except Catalonia and Valenica. If you are based in either of these regions you will get Easter Monday (1st April) as a public holiday instead.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Navarra or the Basque Country then you will get extra holidays on Thursday March 28th and April Monday 1st which means that you get the bonus of a 5 day weekend.

Do Supermarkets In Spain Open During Easter?

Each supermarket will have their own opening hours in place for the holidays but a general rule of thumb is that supermarkets in Spain remain closed for both national and regional holidays. Given that Spanish supermarkets don’t generally open on Sundays either, that means that if you need to grab some shopping during the holiday weekend you should head out on Saturday 30th March.

Here are the published opening hours for Spain’s biggest supermarkets:

  • Mercadona. All of their stores will be closed on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, except in Catalonia and Valencia. But they will open on Saturday March 30th from 9 or 9.30 to 21.30. Check your local store for exact hours.
  • Carrefour. This brand doesn’t have a universal policy for holiday store opening. Opening hours will vary from region to region, so you should check your local store before you travel. The good news is that smaller Carrefour Express stores tend to open throughout public holidays, ideal for grabbing last minute supplies.
  • Aldi. Like Mercadona all Aldi stores across Spain will close on public and regional holidays. This means they’ll be closed on Good Friday across the country and on Maundy Thurday everywhere except Catalonia and Valencia.
  • Ahorramás. This is a smaller supermarket chain which branches in Castilla-La Mancha and Madrid. All of these stores will close at 3pm on Maundy Thursday and then won’t open again until Saturday.
  • Lidl.  Lidl opening hours will also vary from region to region. This is good news as some stores will open on both Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, ideal if you need last minute ingredients for your Easter dishes.
  • Consum. Consum supermarkets in the Valencia region will be open on Maundy Thursday but not on Good Friday.

Can You Visit A Pharmacy In Spain Over Easter?

You can visit the supermarket in advance and plan your Easter menus, but medical situations are much harder to prepare for. So what happens if you need to visit a pharmacy during the Easter period?

There is no standard rules for if and when pharmacies (farmacia) should open during public holidays, so you may have to travel to find your closest open pharmacy. Check opening hours online as each pharmacy will have its own policy. 

Most pharmacies may open with 'holiday' hours on Maundy Thursday . These are reduced hours, but at least mean you can get any supplies that you need. In smaller villages and towns pharmacies will then close on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. In bigger towns and cities you may find that your local pharmacy opens on Good Friday.

Will Bars And Restaurants Open In Spain This Easter?

If you’re visiting Spain for a holiday during the Easter period then you may be worrying that all these closures will impact your trip. In popular tourist areas you’re likely to still see many restaurants and bars open.

But just like pharmacies and local stores, bars and restaurants have the freedom to determine their own opening hours during the Easter holiday period. You’ll find biggers bars and restaurants are likely to be open as well as those in big cities and tourist spots.

Don’t worry if you’re visiting Spain during the Easter holidays. You’ll have absolutely no problem finding somewhere to grab a drink or a bite to eat.

Fast food chain restaurants in Spain, such as Mcdonalds and Burger King, open every day including on Easter Sunday.

Will Shops Open In Spain This Easter?

Finally, what about if you want to hit the shops in Spain during the Easter holiday period? Will shops open? Well unfortunately the answer again is ‘it depends’.

Small local businesses will usually close for regional and public holidays, so that the workers can enjoy the celebrations. Big chain stores are more likely to open at some point during the Easter weekend though. Unfortunately you’re going to have to check on a store by store basis.

Most stores have to close on Easter Sunday as this is a public holiday. But a number of establishments are exempt from normal commercial opening hours legislation and can therefore decide for themselves whether or not to open on public holidays. These are:

"Establishments mainly engaged in the sale of pastries and confectionery, bread, ready meals, newspapers, fuels and combustibles, florists and plants.

Convenience stores.

Commercial establishments located at border points, stations and means of land, sea and air transport.”

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