Visit These 6 Lesser-Known Spanish Natural Parks This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors and get closer to nature, and if you’re living in Spain then you’ll be spoilt for choice of places to explore.

Spain is home to a whopping 15 National Parks, and these well-known attractions can become incredibly crowded during the summer months. But what you may not know is that Spain is also home to many more natural parks too. These equally beautiful natural attractions often fly under the radar, meaning you can beat the crowds and enjoy peace and tranquility as you get closer to nature.

But which natural park should you choose? To help you make the decision, here are 6 of our favourite lesser-known Spanish natural parks that are perfect for visiting in the summertime:

Sierra de Grazalema, Andalusia

This was the first park to be designated a natural park in Spain, and it is arguably one of the most beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that it has been designated a UNESCO World Biosphere site too.

You’ll find Sierra de Grazalema in the province of Cadiz and it is worth visiting for its incredibly beautiful turquoise lakes which contrast with lush green meadows. During the heat of the summer you can cool off in rivers and waterfalls here.

Some of the most popular activities in Sierra de Grazalema are canyoning, hiking and abseiling. But it’s also a great place to come for a stroll and to enjoy the views.

There are also two important caves to visit in this natural park. They are the Cueva de la Pileta with its historic cave paintings and Cueva del Gato, which is located next to a river with a natural swimming hole.

Montseny Natural Park, Catalonia

If you have a head for heights then this is the perfect natural park for you as it forms part of a mountain range. You can get here from Barcelona in just two hours but it feels worlds away. The views in Montseny are spectacular thanks to its high mountains, cliff tops, forests and ravines which are all punctuated by blue rivers.

This is also a UNESCO designated biosphere thanks to its incredible waterways. There’s water everywhere here! So if wild swimming is your thing (and it should be everyone’s thing in the heat of the summer!) then visit for the waterfalls and lakes.

Unusually for a natural park, there are several villages within the confines of the park, which are great places to explore or stop for a rest and refreshments.

Redes Natural Park, Asturias

If you’re looking for a quiet and relaxed natural park then Redes is a great choice. It’s located close to the Picos de Europa national park which means that it doesn’t get as much attention and is often overlooked. But to overlook Redes natural park would be a mistake: it’s truly beautiful!

Mountain peaks are covered in green forest. This is a great park for hiking and wildlife spotting, being home to bear, otter, red deer and wild boar. Bird spotters also travel from across Spain to visit this natural park because of the abundance of different bird species that call it home.

 Fragas do Eume, Galicia

If you’re travelling with kids then this is a great natural park to choose because it looks like a magical fairy forest. The park is almost completely covered in forest, which is impressive as it covered 9,000 hectares.

There are several trails to explore this mystical thousand-year-old forest, as well as several ancient monasteries to visit along the way, whilst children can enjoy dipping their toes in the Eume River.

Sierra Cadí-Moixero, Catalonia

If you love mountains then you’ll love Sierra Cadi-Moixero. Located in the pre-Pyrenees, this is a huge park that offers so much space you don’t have to see another visitor if you don’t want to! Some of the highlights of this natural park are its limestone massifs, forest covered valleys and Alpine-style wildflower meadows.

As you might expect given its mountainous nature, this park is popular with rock climbers. But hikers and wildlife enthusiasts will also find a lot of things to enjoy here. And it’s a bird watchers paradise. Even if you’re not a walker, it’s a place worth visiting for the views alone.

Sierra de las Nieves, Andalusia

Another incredible natural park in Andalusia, Sierra de la Nieves is located in the mountains above Marbella, making it incredibly accessible for those hoping to combine time in nature with time on the beach. This is a beautiful park in a lush, verdant area. It’s home to over 1,500 different plant species.

Away from the plant life you’ll also find caves, deep gorges, sinkholes and natural springs. Add in the waterfalls and this is a great place to keep cool on a hot summer’s day. Outside of enjoying the water, hiking, caving, and canyoning are popular pursuits here. 

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