Using The AVE Train Service In Spain

The AVE provides a train service that cuts journey times by amazing times. Most services run from Madrid - except a few from Barcelona - and connect Valencia, Sevilla, Cordoba, and Malaga, providing an easy relaxed service, that in some cases is quicker than you can fly!

The AVE is a quick and luxurious service that makes certain day trips from Madrid possible.

Using The AVE Train from Madrid to Barcelona

The most popular AVE route is from Madrid to Barcelona, but the Iberia Air Shuttle is also a great option between the two cities, as you do not need to book a specific flight.

How To Buy AVE Train Tickets

You can buy tickets directly at Madrid´s Atocha Train Station or Barcelona´s Sants Station.

However the easist way is to book directly online at

AVE Routes from Madrid

Most AVE services have the focal point of Madrid.

Madrid - Zaragoza - Tarragona - Barcelona

An easy way to visit Barcelona - but air travel via Iberia´s Shuttle Service may be worth considering.

This journey takes two hours and thirty minutes.

Travel Times: Madrid - Barcelona (2h40)
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Madrid - Cordoba - Seville

This was the original AVE service, connecting Madrid with the beautiful, international city of Seville.

Travel Times:
Madrid - Seville (2h30)
Madrid - Cordoba (1h45) 
Cordoba - Seville (45m) 
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Madrid to Toledo

The most popular day trip from Madrid, to this Ancient city, is just thirty minutes from the capital.

Travel Times:
Madrid - Toledo (30m) 
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Madrid - Cuenca - Valencia

Valencia is Spain´s third biggest city. Full of culture, and world class Art Museums, this is one city you should not miss!!

Travel Time: Madrid - Valencia 1h30
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Madrid - Cordoba - Málaga

Easily visit the South´s biggest city, and some of the best beaches in Europe. Also, take in Cordoba for it´s famous flower exhibition, and cultural events.

Travel Times Madrid - Málaga (3h) 
Malaga - Cordoba (50m) Buy Direct

Madrid - Segovia - Valladolid - Leon

Visit LEON, and the ever increasing destinations in the North-West.

Travel Time: Madrid - Leon (2h) Buy Direct

​AVE Routes from Barcelona 

As mentioned previously, there are also several amazing routes from Barcelona.

Barcelona to Madrid 

See above.

Barcelona to Paris 

Travel in comfort and luxury in just six hours and twenty minutes, which is a world away from the sometimes stressful flying experience. This route is non-stop.

Barcelona to Figueres

Visit the home of Dali in just 53 minutes!!

Barcelona to Girona 

Travel to Girona - famous for it´s medieval architecture - in just 37 minutes!!

Barcelona to Malaga

Travel Times:
Barcelona - Cordoba (4h30) Buy Direct
Barcelona - Malaga (6h) Buy Direct

Seville - Cordoba - Cuenca - Valencia

Travel Times:
Seville - Valencia (3h50) Buy Direct
Cordoba - Valencia (3h) Buy Direct

AVE routes between Spain & France

In December 2013, the high-speed rail route between France and Spain was finally completed. AVE trains now zip between the following routes:

  • Barcelona to Paris See above.
  • Barcelona to Lyon Just a 5 hour train journey now seperates this two great cities.
  • Barcelona to Marseille Just 4 and a half hours links Barcelona to the French Riviera.
  • Barcelona to Montpellier Visit Montpellier in just 4 hours.
  • Barcelona to Toulouse Visit Toulouse in just 3 hours.

AVE Guided Tours

Day trips to some of Spain´s greatest cities are now possible, so why not use AVE´s guided tour service to get the most out of your trip?

Sevilla is such an amazing city, that it makes sense to buy a guided tour as part of your ticket purchase price.

Day Trip to Seville from Madrid by AVE

Some longer trips include Caceres & Cordoba - two beautiful cities well worth visiting.

  1. Two-Day Trip: Seville with Stop in Cordoba
  2. Three-Day Trip: Seville, Caceres and Cordoba
  3. Three-Day Trip: Seville and Cordoba (extra day in Seville)

Benefits of Using The AVE....

The speed of the AVE....Makes visiting cities such as Seville easy, and is the quickest, and easiest method of transport.

AVE´S Convenience.....Airports are becoming more and more stressful places, not to mention the fact that they are usually outside of towns. The AVE is a smooth, relaxing experience, that takes you to the centre of the city you are visiting.

Reliability & Punctuality.....Should your train be more than 5 minutes late, your whole ticket price will be refunded!! Can you name another service that offers this type of guarantee?

Perfect Luxury....Large, comfortable seats, in quiet cabins, offering some lovely food along the way!

The price of the AVE does prohibit some people, but you are paying for the convenience and relative luxury. Also, if you are travelling at very short notice, the ticket is generally less than it´s AIR equivalent.