The Budget-Friendly Option: Freesat and Freesat + HD

If you want to watch British and International TV channels without the additional expense of adding access to the internet to your package or to your home, then Freesat is a great choice. You can access Freesat TV in Spain using a system known as the ‘Brit Pack’. This will give you access to all of the mainstream British terrestrial channels: BBC1, BBC 2, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5. You will also be able to watch BBC 4, the children’s channels CBBC and Cbeebies, the news channel BBC News 24, and you will have access to the full range of BBC radio stations.

The benefits of Freesat are that it is the most affordable option on the list, and that you only have to make a one off payment to have Freesat installed in your home: there are no monthly bills. So if you don’t watch TV very often, or you have a holiday home in Spain that you don’t live in full time, this is a great way to ensure you home has English language TV options without adding to your monthly outgoings.

The system will require a small satellite dish to be installed on the outside of your home, or on your terrace if you have an apartment. It is worth noting that in order for this system to be effective at accessing UK channels, you will need to install new BISS codes into the decoder, typically between 2 to 5 months. This is a very easy process which takes 1 minute to enter, but is something you should be aware of when choosing this system.

The Dish-Free Option: IPTV Systems

If you want access to as many TV channels as possible, but don’t want to attach a satellite dish to the outside of your home, then an IPTV system may be the best choice for you. This is a system that requires that you have access to the internet to access your TV channels (meaning that if your Wifi quality is poor, or your internet speed is slow, your TV standard may also be poor.) You will need a minimum of 2mb of ADSL speed to watch IPTV in Spain via the internet. IPTV is a small decoder that is attached directly to your internet router by either a HDMI or AV cable, and then connected to your television.

IPTV is considered to be the future of TV in Spain, as so many new channels are continually being added to the system. You can view all of the channels listed in the Freesat offering, as well as Irish channels, natural history, music and children's channels. In total you will find over 100 different channels for your viewing pleasure, meaning that you’ll always be able to find something to watch.

Another benefit of the IPTV system is that it allows you to pause and rewind life TV: you can also catch up on anything you’ve missed over the past 14 days at a time that suits you. IPTV is a subscription service, meaning that you will pay a monthly fee which will vary depending on the level of package you choose.

The TV Fans Option: Sky 3D and HD

If you love watching TV, and want the best package on the market, then Sky is the option to look at. Sky is known as the market leader within the TV industry, and the quality of picture and channels they provide is top rate. If you are prepared to pay a premium then Sky is without doubt the best way to watch the Sky ‘pay to view’ channels when living in Spain.

Sky installation requires a Sky dish be attached to the side of your home and a Sky HD box which sits in your living room and allows you to pause and rewind live TV and watch whole series of your favourite shows on demand. You can also add a Sky Multiroom option, which lets you watch Sky TV in different rooms around your home at the same time

 So what are the negatives of choosing Sky? Well it’s worth noting that there is no live BBC,ITV ,channel 4 and their associated channels available on this system or any satellite platform on the Costa del Sol. So if you’re looking for just one system that will offer both terrestrial TV and extra Sky channels at the same time then this might not be the best option for you.

The Internet Lover’s Option: The Unlimited Router

If you are a high level internet user, or live in a household where several members are using different online devices at the same time, then the Unlimited Router could be the right option for you. You can connect up to 32 devices to this router at the same time. Whilst other internet connections are subject to ‘fair use’ policies, the Unlimited Router is the only unlimited internet router currently available on the Costa Del Sol. With this option you’ll have access to 20MBPS and upload speed of 5MBPS, which makes it a great option not only for TV lovers who want to stream their favourite shows as fast and as smoothly as possible, but also for anyone who needs reliable internet to enable them to work from home.

This is a great choice if you watch your television online via systems such as Netflix or Amazon TV: you won’t have access to a TV package unless you choose to add one as well, but your online options will be almost limitless. You also don’t need to have a phone line installed at the same time as having this router installed for your TV connection to work, making it ideal for users who would rather use their mobile phones and don’t want to pay for an extra landline phone as well.

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