Top Tips for Building a Swimming Pool in Spain

When the temperatures soar, building a swimming pool in Spain can seem incredibly tempting. Having your own swimming pool on your property will make it easier to cool off, and may even raise the value of your property. And let’s face it, when you dream of having your own home in the sun, for most of us a pool is a big part of that dream! But thinking about building a swimming pool in Spain comes with its own set of questions: How much does it cost to build a swimming pool? And how long does it take to build a swimming pool? To answer these questions and so much more, here’s everything you need to consider to help you decide whether building a swimming pool in Spain is the right choice for you:

The Practicalities of Building a Swimming Pool in Spain

Properties with pools are incredibly sought after, and this is particularly true in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. During the crisis, the sale of portable pools in Spain rose by 350 percent, and there was a 60 percent increase in projects to install built-in pools during 2020. That’s great news when it comes to reselling a property with a pool, but you do need to know that the process isn’t something you can do yourself, and it isn’t as easy as simply digging a hole. In order to build a swimming pool in Spain you will need to employ an architect, apply for planning permission, register your pool to ensure it is legally recognised, and then pay for its monthly upkeep.

Picking the Perfect Spot for Your Pool

If you’re committed to adding a swimming pool to your Spanish home then picking the perfect spot for your pool will be important. The location should be completely flat, to ensure your pool is easy to ensure: you should also avoid putting your pool under and trees so that you don’t experience a pool full of leaves on a daily basis: trees would also provide too much shade, and you need direct sunlight to warm your pool naturally and with minimal expense.

Once you know where you want your pool to be, you need to think about the type of pool you’re going to choose. When building a swimming pool in Spain, the material you choose will have an impact on the size and the cost of the project: do you want an above ground pool, or one that is due into the ground? Would you be happy with a prefabricated fiberglass frame, or would you prefer a more solid concrete poured pool? This is the most expensive option, but it is also the most durable.

The Legal Aspects of Building a Swimming Pool in Spain

It doesn’t matter what type of swimming pool you decide to install on your property, before your project begins you will need to apply for planning permission from the local town hall. This is classed as an Obra Mayor home improvement, meaning that there will be fees attached to securing the permission you need, and that the process could be quite lengthy, taking up to two months.

You will also need to have your plans in place and have appointed your architect before you begin the process of applying for planning permission. The advice of your architect will prove invaluable throughout the process, but when setting the budget for your project you should remember that the architect fees alone will cost between €450 and €1500, depending on the scale and size of your project.

As well as securing permission from the local town hall, if you like in a gated community or apartment block then you will also need to get permission from your community of owners, or those living in the properties around you. If there is a risk that your project could cause structural issues to other property, or increase the risk of drainage and flooding problems, then they would be well within their rights to nix the project.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Swimming Pool?

How much does it cost to build a swimming pool is a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question, because the costs involved will vary wildly depending on the size of your pool, and the materials you choose to construct it from. For an average sized 6m by 3m concrete pool, expect to pay between €10,000 and € 15,000 depending on where in Spain you live: this cost could double if you want a heated pool, or one made with more expensive stone materials. If these ideas are out of your budget then a prefabricated fiberglass pool, or one that uses a liner, will be considerably cheaper, but still not an insignificant sum of money.

You should also consider the costs of maintaining your pool when deciding if you can afford to run one of your own. You will need to purchase the chlorine, the chemicals to monitor your pH levels, and any cleaning chemicals too. You will also need to pay for pool cleaning and any pool repairs. It is suggested that you budget between 50 and 200 euros a month to maintain your pool, depending on whether you want to do it yourself or have a company come in to do it for you. The costs will also vary depending on where in Spain you live.

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