These Are The Cheapest Petrol Stations If You’re Driving Across Spain This Summer

Summer is an incredibly busy time to drive in Spain. The sun is shining, the kids are enjoying their summer holidays, and when the roads are crowded, it can feel like half of Europe are driving to Spain’s beautiful beaches.

In a bid to help control this increased summer holiday traffic, the Spanish government introduce a scheme called Operación Salida. This is a coordinated effort to manage increased holiday traffic and keep the cars on the roads moving. If you’re joining the throngs and driving through Spain this summer, then you’re likely to see your fuel consumption increase considerably. And with increased fuel consumption comes increased fuel costs. The price of petrol is so high right now that this can add a considerable chunk to the overall cost of your holiday.

So, to help you save money, here is a breakdown of the cheapest places to find petrol in Spain:

Where Will You Find The Cheapest Petrol In Spain?

The cheapest petrol station in Spain right now can be found in the town of Alcalá la Real, a municipality in Jaén. This is a Petroprix station and, at the time of writing, you can find gasoline for 1.41 euros per litre here.

To demonstrate how big the range of petrol station prices are in Spain right now, the most expensive petrol station in Spain is in the Campollano industrial estate of Albacete. At the time of writing you can expect to pay an incredible 2.29 euros per litre here. That means that the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive petrol in Spain is 0.88 cents. This emphasises just how important it is to shop around for the cheapest available petrol prices, particularly if you’re travelling long distances across Spain.

Where Will You Find The Cheapest Diesel In Spain?

If you are driving a vehicle that is powered by diesel rather than by gasoline then the cheapest place to buy diesel across the whole of Spain is in Elgoibar, a town in the province of Gipúzcoa. It is no coincidence that this petrol station is also owned by Petropix, making this a brand worth looking out for if you’re shopping for diesel as you’re driving across Spain.

The most expensive place to buy diesel in Spain is the same station mentioned above that is the most expensive place to buy petrol in Spain. At the station in the Campollano industrial estate of Albacete you can expect to pay 2.25 euros per litre for diesel. That is a full euro extra per litre in your vehicle.

Should You Use Low Cost Fuel Stations in Spain?

There is a misconception in Spain that low-cost fuel stations provide low-standard fuel. But actually all fuel that is sold in Spain must meet the stringent quality standards that have been laid out by the Hydrocarbons Law. This means that the fuel you will get at a low-cost gas station is of a near-identical standard to the quality you will find at any other petrol station. Just at a more affordable price.

The only notable difference between the fuel you will find in low-cost and regular stations is that some low-cost fuels don’t contain certain additives found in other types of gas stations. This may mean that your fuel consumption rates are slightly higher than if you are using an regular fuel. But both types of fuel are perfectly safe and neither carry an increased risk of car breakdown.

How Can You Find The Cheapest Petrol in Spain?

The cheaper your petrol is, the more affordable your drive across Spain will be. To assist people with finding the most affordable petrol possible on their route, the Spanish government has launched a user-friendly website to assist individuals in locating the most affordable petrol in their respective areas. Simply visit this website and enter your location, and it will show you were the nearest petrol stations are, and their prices. The website also includes an interactive map that displays all of the petrol stations, providing an easy to use tool that will make finding affordable petrol easier than ever.

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