These Are The Best Beaches To Visit In The Costa Del Sol

Spain is known for its incredible climate, beautiful beaches, and miles of pristine coastline. But what you may not know is that Spain boasts more Blue Flag beaches than any other country in the world.

And if it’s beaches you’re looking for, there’s nowhere better to be than the Costa Del Sol. This region is renowned for being home to some of Spain’s most beautiful and charming beaches. 

Whether you already live in the Costa Del Sol or whether you’re thinking of visiting as a tourist, if you’re looking for a beach day then these are the 10 best beaches to choose:

1. La Malagueta Beach (Malaga)


This is not only the best beach in Malaga it’s also one of the best beaches in the Costa Del Sol. La Malagueta Beach is truly iconic, and just as beautiful as you might imagine. It’s walking distance from Malaga city centre, which makes it easily accessible. It also sits at the foot of Mount Gibralfaro, lending it an incredible backdrop.

You’ll find golden sand, calm transparent waters, and this beach also boasts blue flag status. Whether you’re looking to relax on the sands or enjoy a meal on the seafront promenade, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

From a practical point of view, the beach also has all the services you might need. These include the rental of hammocks and umbrellas, showers, playgrounds for children and sports spaces, as well as adapted access for people with reduced mobility and lifeguard surveillance. There really is something for everyone here, and it’s easy to see why this is one of the Costa Del Sol’s best beaches.

2. Pedregalejo beach (Málaga)

Pedregalejo beach (Málaga

It’s not surprising that Malaga is having such a moment right now, and attracting attention on the international stage, because a second beach in the city is considered one of Malaga’s top 10. Pedregalejo beach combines traditional Spanish culture with a modern feel. It is home to the oldest seafront promenade in the city and boasts a vast expanse of golden sand.

The atmosphere here is more bohemian and informal.  It attracts families who are looking for calm waters and soft sands, and is also a great choice for paddle boarders, kayakers, and other water sports enthusiasts. It’s worth noting that this is also a Blue Flag beach.

 While it might not be an obvious choice to visit the beach after hours, the promenade here is well worth exploring in the evenings. It is a great place for a romantic walk and is a beach known for its 24 hour natural beauty.

3. Burriana beach (Nerja)

Burriana beach (Nerja)

If you already live in the Costa Del Sol then you’ll have already heard of Burriana Beach. It’s one of the most popular and most visited in the region, especially with locals.  It’s ideal for families, groups of friends and individual travellers.

Whether you’re looking to relax in the sun, enjoy water sports or simply experience the local gastronomy in a spectacular setting, Burriana is the perfect choice. The beach is located close to the Cascada del Maro waterfall which means that whether you want to swim, kayak, or paddleboard through it, or just enjoy the view from a safe distance, there’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore.

From a practical point of view, you will find rental services for hammocks and umbrellas here. You’ll also find accessible showers and changing rooms, in addition to a variety of water activities, meaning that all visitors can enjoy the beach. And of course, yes, this is also a Blue Flag beach!

4. Maro beach (Nerja)

Maro beach

Our second beach in Nerja is just as beautiful as the first! This is more appealing to water sports enthusiasts and adventure travelers. However, don’t let that deter you if you want to enjoy the impressive natural scenery of this beautiful spot. The beach is surrounded by cliffs and boasts crystal clear waters too.

You’ll find that many guided kayak tours are started from this beach. There are also walks and experiences in the area. Finally, the cliffs surrounding the beach is home to the mouths of two waterfalls. Adventure awaits!

If that’s not enough excitement, Playa Del Mayo is a mecca for snorkelling lovers. It is an underwater treasure trove rich in biodiversity. Arrive early to have the beach to yourself, and to see the most incredible sunrise over the cliffs.

5. Puerto Banús beach (Marbella)

Puerto Banús beach

Marbella has a reputation for luxury. And if you’re looking for the most luxurious beach in the Costa Del Sol then this is the place to be! Puerto Banus beach is located next to Marbella’s famous marina so you’ll find luxury yachts in your eyeline as you sunbath.

Elegant beach clubs, glamorous restaurants, high-end shopping. If you want to experience the lifestyle of the rich and famous then this is the beach to choose.

If you want to take to the water then you’ll find jet skiing, paddle surfing and boat rentals available here too. Visitors from all over the world travel to experience this luxurious Blue Flag beach.

6. Cabopino beach (Marbella)

Cabopino beach

If you’re looking for a more natural and low key beach in Marbella then try Cabopino beach. This boasts incredible sand dunes, and is a great place to visit if you want to reconnect with nature. You’ll find a secluded nudist section to the beach here if you want to be at one with nature too.

From a practical point of view there are places to rent sun loungers and umbrellas here. You’ll also find beach bars and restaurants nearby. As an added bonus, the Cabopino Golf course is nearby too!

7. Cristo beach (Estepona)

Cristo beach

We’ve covered luxury beaches and even nudist beaches. But what if you’re looking for a family friendly beach where you can enjoy the day with your whole family and where kids are warmly welcomed? Cristo beach is the best choice.

Soft sands and calm waters mean parents can feel confident that their little explorers are safe. And you can rent hammocks and umbrellas to keep everyone comfortable. There are also children’s play areas on the beach too. The beach is accessible to family members with disabilities as well, meaning no one has to miss out on the fun.

When everyone gets hungry (and kids are always hungry!) you’ll find restaurants and beach bars all along the seafront here.

8. Bil Bil beach (Benalmádena)

Bil Bil beach

This beautiful beach is close to El-Bil-Bil castle and is known for its natural beauty as well as for the abundance of services it offers to its visitors.

Playa de Bil Bil has all the amenities you need for a full day at the beach: from sun loungers and umbrellas to beach bars and restaurants. Walk along the beach or relax and sunbathe under an umbrella.

This is a great choice for busy tourists who are too active to sit around all day. The beach is very close to points of tourist interest such as the castle and the marina. So you’ll have plenty to keep you engaged when you want to get off the sand. 

9. Los Álamos beach (Torremolinos)

Los Álamos beach

Torremolinos is a popular destination and Los Alamos is one of its best beaches. It’s always busy here and seems to have a perma-party feeling. Young people, old people, and happy families share the beach together in harmony.

One of the best things about this beach is the huge number of services it offers. Modern beach bars, great music, delicious restaurants, and every kind of beach hire your heart could desire.

You'll find a wide range of water activities – such as beach volleyball, paddle surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing to enjoy here. And the Blue Flag status the beach boasts is an added bonus too.

10. Fuengirola beach (Fuengirola)

image/banner/Fuengirola Beach

Finally, why not head to Fuengirola beach if you like your sand with a side order of urban atmosphere? This beach blends seamlessly with the urban landscape that surrounds it.

Recognised for its excellence with distinctives such as the Blue Flag and the Q for Tourism Quality, Fuengirola beach has high standards. It has excellent facilities, amenities such as showers, public toilets, and for people with disabilities. Come for the beach and then stay for dinner: the hotels here are exceptional.

For these reasons, and so many more, this is considered one of the best beaches in the Costa Del Sol.

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