These Are All The New Michelin Starred Restaurants In Spain For 2024

There’s so much to see and do in Spain. People visit or choose to relocate to the country for the sun, sea, and sand, the warm and friendly people, and the rich cultural heritage. But if you’re a foodie with a passion for fine dining then that’s another great reason to visit Spain.

Spanish food is amongst the best in the world, whether you’re looking for simple street dishes or a feast in a tapas bar. But Spain also boasts a huge number of Michelin-starred restaurants for fine dining fans. And this year there are 31 new Michelin-starred restaurants being added to the books in the country.

The annual Michelin Gala for Spain and Portugal took place in Barcelona on Tuesday 29th November. This award added an additional two three-starred Michelin restaurants to Spain. These are Disfrutar in Barcelona, by chefs Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas; and Noor in Córdoba, by chef Paco Morales. This is the highest number of Michelin stars any restaurant can be awarded and is a huge honour for both restaurants.

What Do Michelin Stars Mean?

Wondering what Michelin stars mean? And how much better a 3 Michelin Star restaurant is than a 1 Michelin star restaurant? According to Michelin's judges, one star equates to being "high-quality cooking, worth a stop"; two stars is awarded to restaurants with "excellent cooking, worth a detour"; and three stars represent "exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey".

Any restaurant with a Michelin star is a high-end restaurant well worth stopping at. These restaurants often come with a hefty bill, particularly if you eat at prime time and from the a la carte menu. But many Michelin starred restaurants are more affordable than you might think, offering set menus or lunch time menus that are an accessible price point for most people.

Where Are Spain’s Michelin Starred Restaurants?

With an additional 31 Michelin stars added to restaurants in Spain there’s never been more Michelin starred restaurants in the country or a better time to try Michelin starred dining.

The good news is that these restaurants are located all over the country so you can find a Michelin starred restaurant no matter where you are in Spain. You’ll find them from the Canaries to the Balearics, and from Asturias to Andalusia.

Here Are All The New Michelin Starred Restaurants In Spain

Below is the complete list of Spain's Michelin-starred restaurants for 2024.

There are two new 3 Michellin starred restaurants in Spain for 2024. They are:

  •  Disfrutar, by Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas (Barcelona)
  • Noor, by Paco Morales (Córdoba)

There is just one new 2 Michelin starred restaurant Spain for 2024. This is: 

  • Venta Moncalvillo, by Ignacio Echapresto (Daroca de Rioja, La Rioja)

Finally there are a whopping 28 new 1 Michelin starred restaurants in Spain for 2024. These are located all over the country. They are:

  • Marcos, by Marcos Mistry (Gijón)
  • NM, by Daniel Silvestre (Oviedo)
  • Terra, by Brais Pichel (A Coruña)
  • Txispa, by Tetsuro Maeda (Axpe, Basque Country)
  • Canfranc Express, by Eduardo Salanova (Canfranc, Aragón)
  • Casa Bernardi, by Ferdinando Bernardi (Benissa, Alicante)
  • Kabo, by Aaron Ortiz (Pamplona)
  • Orobianco, by Andrea Drago (Calpe)
  • Quirat, by Víctor Torres (Barcelona)
  • Suto, by Yoshikazu Suto (Barcelona)
  • Barro, by Carlos Casillas and Jaime Mondéjar (Ávila)
  • Erre de Roca, by Alberto Molinero (Miranda de Ebro)
  • Cebo, by Javier Sanz and Juan Sahuquillo (Madrid)
  • El Club Allard, by Martín Berasategui and José María Goñi (Madrid)
  • Osa, by Sara Peral and Jorge Muñoz (Madrid)
  • Santerra, by Miguel Carretero (Madrid)
  • Toki, by Tadayoshi Motoa (Madrid)
  • Back, by David Olivas (Marbella)
  • Malak, by Javier Jurado (Jaén)
  • Radis, by Juanjo Mesa (Jaén)
  • Tohqa, by Eduardo Pérez (El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz)
  • Vandelvira, by Juan Carlos García (Baeza, Jaén)
  • Andreu Genestra, by Andreu Genestra (Llucmajor, Mallorca)
  • Bevir, by José Luis Espino (las Palmas de Gran Canaria)
  • Omakase by Walt, by Walter Sidoravicius (Ibiza)
  • Sa Clastra, by Jordi Cantó (Es Capdellà, Mallorca)
  • Unic, by David Grussaute (Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza)

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