These 3 Spanish Cities Were Voted Best In The World For Ex Pats

Many foreign residents already living in Spain know that it is an incredible place to live as an ex pat but now it’s official. 3 Spanish cities were listed as being the best cities in the world to live as an ex pat by the experts at Internations in their Ex Pat Ranking for 2023.

In fact, three Spanish cities cinched first, second, and third place. The Andalusian city of Málaga took the top spot with Alicante and Valencia following closely behind in second and Valencia in third.

It’s easy to see why these stunning cities are so popular with ex-pats. As well as boasting a year-round favourable climate, according to the report each of these Spanish cities achieved a top 10 rating in the categories of Ease of Settling In, Quality of Life, and Personal Finance.

Here’s everything you need to know about why Malaga, Alicante and Valencia were voted the best cities in the world for ex pats:

Why Malaga Is Popular With Ex Pats

Last year Malaga was chosen as the second-best place to live as an expat but this year it has jumped into first place, beating 48 other popular expat destinations. And its easy to see why. Malaga boasts a wonderful Mediterranean climate and is considered the gateway to the Costa Del Sol with its famous beaches.

Malaga itself has a strong arts and cultural scene and according to this report it was ranked as the worlds best expat city in terms of Local Friendliness. A total of 89 percent said that the locals are particularly friendly towards foreign residents, versus 65 percent globally. The people of Malaga are friendly making it an easy place to make friends.

Other factors of life in Malaga that rated highly include its ease of travel and transit and its healthcare. If you like in Malaga then you won’t be surprised to learn that the cities lowest rating was for working in the city but this was still above the average score for all of the other cities on the list. And if you can find a job in Malaga then your work life balance will be good.

If you’re looking to live in the sunshine in a city with a low cost of living then Malaga ranked very highly. It’s easy to see why so many foreign residents are happy with their lifestyle in Malaga.

Why Alicante Is Popular With Ex Pats

Alicante has long been an incredibly popular place for ex pats to live but now it’s official because the city has ranked in second place out of the 49 countries in the Expat City Ranking 2023. Not only is Alicante popular with expats in general it is also popular with Britons. In fact Alicante comes out as the favourite spot for Brits with 76,739 living there.

So why is Alicante so popular? Well first because it is an easy place to settle in, coming in second place in this category. It also claimed the top spot in the Culture & Welcome category. Expats living in Alicante feel welcome and feel like the place is home very quickly.

Alicante also ranked in third place in the Personal Finance category, showing that it's reasonably affordable too so if you’re looking to move to Spain on a smaller budget then this is certainly a city to consider.

Why Valencia Is Popular With Expats

In 2022 Valencia was considered the best place to live in the world as an expat. But now it has lost out on the top spot dropping down into third place. That doesn’t mean Valencia isn’t still a fantastic place to live. It ranks especially highly in the categories of quality of life, leisure options and recreational sports which makes it particularly attractive to expats.

Valencia offers the best of both worlds because it has a rich culture and an atmospheric old town alongside its fantastic beaches. As you approach retirement and the health concerns that inevitably accompany this Valencia is also a great city to consider because it came in first place for the affordability its health care. It also secured third place for the availability of its healthcare meaning it has overall got the best healthcare for expats worldwide.

If you do have to work as an expat then Valencia might not be the best choice as it was the lowest ranking Spanish city in the career prospects category. But despite tis the work life balance offered in the city is good, the cost of living is affordable and housing here is affordable too.

Overall Spain is an incredible place to live as an expat. Two other Spanish cities also scored highly in the rankings. The capital of Madrid came in sixth place, while the Catalan city of Barcelona took 13th spot.

Whichever city you choose you’re sure to be happy with your laidback, culturally rich, and warm and welcoming lifestyle as an expat in Spain.

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