The Spanish Costa del Sol will have the longest littoral path in the world

163 kilometres that will unite all its towns and cities, from Nerja to Manilva. The project is aimed at both tourists and neighbours, who can move in a sustainable way and enjoy extraordinary views. The flat layout will allow the circulation of bicycles, carts and wheelchairs.

It is expected that the path is completed in 2019, although as the president of the Deputation de Málaga explains, the obstacles are many. "Some sections are difficult. Why? Because it is close to the sea, we have problems with the proximity of the houses. It is a difficult project, but we have good technicians, good architects, who are working to solve them. In some sections they have to be made of wood, in others they can be sandy on the beach. In short, we try to adapt to the terrain in each case, "says Elías Bendodo, president of the Deputation de Málaga.

The promoter of the idea is the former mayor of Mijas, Ángel Nozal, who explains where he found inspiration:

"It was an idea of what I saw in California, in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and also in Miami. Because I saw older people who lived there who used to go out to play sports and left their homes mainly in winter. And here people are always like a little hidden in their homes, with family, television ... And I thought how nice it would be to have here, in the south of Spain, the same as in the United States ... people would be out again ".

It is expected that once completed, what will be the longest coastal promenade in the world will attract more tourists to the Costa del Sol, where millions of visitors come every year from all over the globe.