The Main Driving Matters You Can Deal With Online in Spain

Spain is a country well known for its complex and lengthy bureaucratic processes. In fact, many Spanish residents' joke that they spend so long queuing for paperwork, that they often join a queue without knowing what it’s for! The good news for Britons living in the Spain though is that in recent years, Spain has sought to digitalise its processes, meaning that nowadays more issues than ever can be completed online, and from the comfort of your own sofa. 


Whilst the days of waiting weeks (or even months) for appointments, and standing in queues to get your paperwork stamped aren’t yet over yet, there are 23 things that you can do online if you’re hoping to drive officially in Spain. Here’s a list of these in full:

Everything You Can Do Online in Spain

 If you choose to move to Spain and drive in Spain after Brexit, it’s important to note that you will need to pass your Spanish driving test to secure your license. This is a process that can be lengthy, but is no more difficult than taking the driving test in any other country.

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