The Great Spanish Cookbook: Delicious Russian Salad

When you think of Spanish food, you might well instantly think of tapas and paella. And whilst Spain is rightly revered for these delicious culinary contributions, there are many other dishes that are also incredibly popular in the country. One example of this is the Russian salad (also known as the “Ensalada Rusa” or “Olivier Salad”) which is a simple potato salad that was first created in the 18th century. Though it was first created for a restaurant in Moscow, its fresh ingredients and the speed with which it can be created means that the Russian salad is also popular across Europe and especially in Spain.

If you’re looking for a simple seasonless salad that you can whip up in minutes, and at any time of the year, then the Russian salad could be the perfect option for you. With the addition of ham, the salad can even be eaten as a lunch time or light dinner in itself. Sound tempting? Here’s everything you need to know:

Ingredients List:

A Can of Peas
Ham (optional)


  1. In a pan of boiling water, boil the eggs for ten minutes (until they are hard boiled) and then leave them to cool: once they are cooled, peel the eggs.
  2. Place the carrots and potatoes (whole and unpeeled) in a pan of boiling water, and boil them until they are fork tender. Allow the vegetables to cool before peeling off their skins.
  3. Peel and finely chop the pickles and the onions
  4. Peel and chop the eggs, carrots, potatoes and ham into cubes
  5. Strain and rinse a can of peas and mix these in a large bowl with the chopped and cooked ingredients.
  6. In a smaller separate bowl, mix mayonnaise with mustard (you can add salt and pepper to taste) 
  7. Add this dressing to your salad mixture, mix well and then serve immediately.

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