The Great Motorhome Spain Road Trip: Your Ultimate Itinerary and Guide

The European Commission conducted a study in 2015, where they identified that 77% of all domestic trips in Spain were through road transport.

Today, families view travelling as a way of bonding and reconnecting in this busy world. Spain is becoming a favourite among many travellers.

Spain boasts of having more than 16,000 kilometres of motorways.  Are you looking to take a Spain road trip? Here is your ultimate motorhome travelling guide that will help you enjoy the gorgeous landscapes, exquisite culture, and fantastic architecture.

1. Galicia 

You can begin your motorhome journey in the North-Western outskirts of Spain. This is a region filled with lush greenery and some incredible beaches.

Pontevedra is a good starting point. It is a medieval city centre considered to be one of the most walkable towns in Spain. You can spend a day before heading to the islands of Cies that is just off the coast.

Here you can enjoy the white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Afterwards, you can travel to Santiago de Compostela. The city has impressive cathedral enchants that will surely amaze you.

While in the area, you should enjoy the wine scene before you head out to the Asturias.

2. Asturias 

The Asturias is the emerald jewel of northern Spain. The area comprises of small cities that provide lovely scenery. After a three-hour motorhome drive from Santiago, you can stop at Oviedo, a region with beautiful coastal towns.

Also, you can drive up to Gijon, one of Spain’s most valuable fishing centres. There are also some cider houses worth looking at along the way.

3. Pais Vasco

The next stop on your motorhome road trip is the Basque Country. The area is rich in culture than any other region in Spain. The locals are inviting and helpful, making you always feel at home.

After Gijon, your next stop-over will be Bilbao. The city is an artistic front with incredible architecture and museums worth a visit.

You can then travel to San Sebastian and enjoy the best food in the country. The area has several Michelin-starred restaurants and downtown bars. Here you can enjoy any meal you desire while the best environment surrounds you.

4. Barcelona

The next stop is the incredible Barcelona, home of the Catalonians. Though it will take roughly six hours on the road, the Catalan capital is worth a stop-over.

You can spend a day or two as you immerse yourself in the city’s modern architecture. While in the area, you should not forget to enjoy an authentic dish of Valerian rice.

5. Madrid

You can then proceed your travel with a tour to Madrid. The Capital of Spain holds some incredible sights that are easy to love. You will see world-class museums and enjoy different rooftop bars.

6. Andalusia 

You can finally end your travel in the southernmost region of the country that is recognised to be the origin of flamenco dancing. You can start with Granada, a city with spectacular palaces and gardens.

You can then head to the sunny Malaga and explore its incredible castle sights and beach before ending your motorhome trip in Seville.

Enjoy Your Spain Road Trip

Spain is a country rich in culture and beauty. By visiting only one region, you will not get to enjoy its beauty in the fullest.

A Spain road trip is the only way to guarantee that you get to see the inner beauties hidden within the country. Contact us today for more information about visiting Spain.