The Best Spanish Wines to Buy and Drink This Christmas

Spanish wines are considered to be some of the best wines in the world, and Spain is one of the top three wine-producing nations in the world. Almost 14% of all the wine in the world is produced in Spain. But that means that, when choosing a Spanish wine, the possibilities are endless. So how do you choose the wine that’s right for you? Here are some of our favourite Spanish wines to enjoy this Christmas, organised by the type of meat you will be paring them with. So whether you’re tucking into a traditional turkey or a rich leg of lamb, here are the best Spanish wines to buy and drink this Christmas:

The Best Spanish Wine to Drink with Turkey

For many people, turkey is the most traditional of Christmas meats, and the traditional rule that you can’t serve red wine with white meats or fish is still widely publicised. However this couldn’t be further from the truth: there are a wide range of light red wines that pair perfectly with white meat, including turkey, although of course you can also enjoy white wines with these dishes if you are a traditionalist. Let your own preferences guide what wine you choose, rather than what you think you should drink!

The best wines for pairing with turkey are light wines that are low in tannins, as these can overpower the delicate flavour of the meat. White meat doesn’t need a bold wine. The best Spanish white wine to choose to pair with your turkey this year is Solarce Blanco: a rich yet delicate wine that combines grapes from the Malvasia, Chardonnay and Viura vines.

The Best Spanish Wine to Drink with Beef

Not everyone eats turkey at Christmas: in fact, many people find turkey to be a bland and dry meat, so they avoid it! If you’re in the large camp of people that prefer a richer red meat for your Christmas dinner then you may be wondering what wine you should team with your festive beef. We highly recommend red wines made from Garnacha grapes when pairing with beef, as these wines are bold, juicy, and perfectly match the bold flavours of the dish they are served alongside. ITant Garnatxa Negra is a great choice, thanks to its juicy fruits, and Que Si! Is also popular with local Spaniards who are looking for a weightier wine that will serve as a table centrepiece and conversation starter in its own right.

The Best Spanish Wine to Drink with Pork

Whilst turkey is considered the most commonplace and traditional of Christmas meats in the UK, in Spain, locals are more likely to sit down and enjoy pork for their Christmas dinner. This pork can come in many forms: from rich slices of jamon serrano to a hot sucking pig, or everything in between. But where does pork sit when choosing the perfect wine: neither a red meat or a white meat, this mid meat needs a complimentary mid-flavour wine. The right wine will depend on the cut of pork you are enjoying: cold cuts pair best with lighter red wines, whilst hot roasted porks can handle the rich flavours of a full-bodied red wine. A traditional Rioja or Priorat would be a great pairing here. If you’re not a fan of red wine then don’t worry: white wines such as a white Rioja also work well with pork. Solarce Blanco is a great choice if you’re looking for a delicate yet well-rounded white Rioja.

The Best Spanish Wine to Drink with Seafood or Shellfish

As a country with an expansive coastline and a strong fishing heritage, seafood and shellfish form a huge part of the traditional Christmas dinner table in Spain. White wines are most commonly served with sea food and shellfish, though you can choose a light red if that’s your preference. Wine produced from young Albarino grapes are great choices for teaming with cold fish dishes and DO Rias Baixas is a great choice from this stable. If you’re looking for a wine to serve with richer fish dishes, or even to cook within thee dishes, then a full bodies Albarino would be a great choice.

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