The Best Places to Buy Property in Spain

Thousands of Britons every year choose to invest in a holiday home in Spain, drawn to the country for its warm and welcoming people, year-round sunshine, and opportunities for cultural enrichment.

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and investing in a Spanish property of your own then you’re likely to be looking for the best places to buy a property in Spain.

Of course, the best place to buy in Spain is subjective but we’ve rounded up our favourite locations, each an amazing area to buy a holiday home but for buy-to-let potential, whilst others have outstanding infrastructure and transport links to the rest of Europe.

This is good news, as buyers come from all over the world (including the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Romania and Belgium) looking for the best places to buy property. different reasons.  There’s no better time to buy a home in Spain, with the country currently experiencing a property boom. The returns on property in Spain is very healthy, five years ago, an apartment of 100 m² cost €203,000, and today it is sold for €253,000.

Spain’s healthy tourism economy attracts visitors in the short-term, who then like the country so much that they want to come back again and again. Wondering which areas of Spain attract the most buyers? Which area is best if you want to rent out your property? We’ve done the work for you; here are the best areas to buy a property in Spain:

1. Alicante

Alicante is the most popular location for foreign buyers, making it one of the best places in Spain to buy property if you hope to be surrounded by a vibrant expat community.

On average, 43% of house sales are made in Alicante each year, and 15% of the population of the region are foreigners. Alicante is to the south-east of Spain and boasts beautiful beaches, an appealing year-round climate, and a 200-mile-long coastline.

The perks of choosing to buy a property in Alicante include the opportunity to live an outdoor lifestyle, a rich cultural heritage, and world class leisure facilities. These include an abundance of golf courses and water sports such as surfing and jet skiing. Travelling around Alicante is easy, and the region has excellent transport links to the UK, which attracts high numbers of British expats and second home owners.

2. Andalusia

We might be biased as a real estate business based in Adalusia, but one of the very best places to buy property in Spain is Andalusia. It is another incredibly popular second home location for foreign investors.

Andalusia is located on the south coast of Spain, and has been one of Spain’s most popular tourist locations since the early 1950s.  Andalusia also boasts year-round sunshine and long, hot, summers, which make it incredibly popular with tourists. Whether you’re looking for a laid-back beach lifestyle or a more metropolitan urban environment, Andalusia offers the best of both worlds.

In Andalusia you’ll find blue flag beaches, excellent local cuisine, and wonderful shopping, arts and culture, and night life too. Because Andalusia boasts 38 different fishing points, you’ll also find some of the best fish and seafood in Spain here too. Areas like Seville and Malaga are great options if you enjoy a bustling and cosmopolitan city lifestyle, whilst Costa del Sol areas such as
Nerja, Fuengirola, Torremolinos, and Marbella are the region’s tourist hubs and offer highly sought-after coastal and sea-view properties.

Burriana Beach, Andalusia

One of the biggest draws of Andalusia that make it such a popular region for property purchases, is that the region boasts 300 days of sunshine every year. What’s more, despite its popularity with tourists, there are plenty of regions where you can escape the crowds here that feel authentically Spanish. What’s more, Spain welcomes an average of 82 million visitors every year, and many of these choose Andalusia for their breaks. As a result, Andalusia has a thriving rental market, so if you’re looking to rent out your Spanish property when you’re not using it then Andalusia is a fantastic area to buy in.

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3. Costa Blanca

 If you’re a fan of golf then one of the most popular places to buy property in Spain is certainly the Costa Blanca. Spain is one of the top countries to visit if you like to play golf, with world-class championship courses located all over the country. The three top golfing areas in Spain are Costa Blanca, Costa Del Sol, and Murcia. The Costa Blanca is located in the Alicante region and is home to more gold courses than anywhere else in Spain.

What’s more, the Costa Blanca also boasts stunning beaches thanks to its 200km long coast line, where you’ll also find an abundance of water sport options. To make the most of its golfing culture, Costa Blanca is home to social housing communities and complexes that include their own social and leisure facilities, and which are built close to the golf courses. The homes near the El Soto, La Cala Golf Resort and Santa Maria courses are all great examples of this.

4. Valencia

Finally, Valencia makes it on the list of our favourite areas to buy property in Spain thanks to its beach front location and popularity with retirees. Valencia has the highest concentration of blue flag beaches in Spain, and also boasts a rich cultural heritage, making it easy to experience the ‘real Spain’ here.

It is no surprise that Valencia, like the rest of the locations on this list, is a coastal region, with access to the beautiful Spanish beaches being high on the list of what foreigner buyers are looking for in their dream holiday home location.

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