Take a Virtual Tour of Spain From Your Armchair

Has your pending holiday to Spain been cancelled? Or perhaps you already live in Spain, and are desperate to continue exploring the beauty country right outside your front door? Don’t worry, options are available! Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can now take a virtual tour of Spain from the comfort of your armchair. In fact, if you pour a glass of Sangria whilst you’re doing it, you can almost imagine you’re really there!


Here is a breakdown of all the Spanish museums, monuments, and national attractions that are offering virtual tours whilst their doors are closed:

Picasso Museum, Barcelona

Barcelona’s Picasso Museum is proud to offer the most extensive collection of Picasso’s work in Spain. You can take a virtual tour of the museum’s courtyards, and the museum also offers a virtual tour of the houses that Picasso lived and worked in during his time in Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Although it may not be finished, Gaudi’s Bastillia De La Sagrada Familia is one of the most visited attractions in Barcelona. That means that it’s also one of the most crowded attractions in Barcelona; but that’s not a problem when you’re taking a virtual tour! The technology involved in this tour is first rate, meaning you can guide yourself around the attraction in full, paying close attention to all of the details you might miss if you were there in person, and allowing you to truly appreciate the beauty of this stunning building. 

Picasso Museum, Malaga

Another excellent virtual museum tour for Picasso fans is the Picasso Museum in Malaga. Malaga is the birthplace of Picasso, and you can feel the spirit of his work as you virtually tour the museum, which is home to 285 of the artist’s works. The building itself is also a work of great architectural beauty and houses an enviable collection of Roman and Moorish remains which date back to the seventh century BC.

The Thyssen Museum, Malaga

Whilst you’re enjoying a (virtual) stay in Malaga, be sure to spend some time at the Thyssen Museum in the city, which is one of the finest in the region. The museum recently unveiled a new Rembrandt exhibition, giving virtual visitors the opportunity to enjoy 80 of the artists previously unseen paintings from the comfort of your own home.

Dali Museum, Figueres

Salvador Dali is one of Spain’s favourite sons, and one of the world’s most exciting surrealist artists. Now virtual art fans can enjoy the opportunity to visit a museum dedicated to his works. Not only is the museum jam-packed with fantastic pieces, the artist himself is buried in a crypt under the stage, in an ultimate act of surrealism. This virtual tour is easy to navigate and loaded with information, making it a great option for sharing with kids.

Museo de las Artes y de las Ciencias, Valencia

Valencia’s Museum of Art and Science is notoriously difficult to secure tickets for, so enjoying a virtual tour is a great way to beat the queues and appreciate everything this world class museum has to offer. Impressively modern, the Museo de las Artes y de las Ciencias looks just as good on the inside as it does from the outside. From feats of science to incredible dinosaurs, there are exhibits at this museum to appeal to audiences of all ages, making it the perfect virtual tour to enjoy as a family.

Aqueduct, Segovia

If you’ve ever wanted to get close-up to an authentic Roman aqueduct and view every detail then the Aqueduct at Segovia is a perfect example. What's more, thanks to virtual tour technology, it is possible to fly right over the UNESCO World Heritage site, zoom in on the most fascinating part of the attraction, and appreciate every stone. Although not a traditional virtual tour, this is one of the most exciting on the list, and it helps to create the illusion that you’re really in the city: you can almost taste the ice cream! 

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