Spain Lifts Ban for UK Arrivals From 30th March

There’s good news for Britons hoping to travel to Spain this summer: The country will lift its ban on arrivals from the UK from 30th March. These entry restrictions have been in place since December 22th, and have been extended six times but we have been informed that the final restriction (which was introduced on 2nd March and will expire on 30th March) will be the last! Arrivals from the UK will be permitted by both air and sea.


What About Other Travel Bans?

That doesn’t mean that visitors from Brazil or South Africa will be allowed into Spain: A spokeswoman for the Spanish government, Maria Jesus Montero, confirmed that restrictions on arrivals from Brazil and South Africa would remain in place until at least April 13. This is because the variants from these countries are still of core concern, and the virus is still spreading widely in these locations: the aim of the ban is to prevent further contagion.

Ms Jesus Montero said, “Spain is a safe country that is strictly following the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the experts,” in an announcement to the Europa Press news agency.

Does This Means Brits Can Start Returning to Spain?

In the vast majority of cases this welcome news does not mean Brits can start returning to Spain and certainly not for holidays. The UK’s ban on recreational overseas travel remains in place until at least 17th May when it is due to be reviewed. The UK government have introduced a new policy change that means anyone found travelling for holidaying purposes will be fined £5,000.

 This is bad news for the Spanish tourism industry, who were hoping for a cash injection from a returning influx of tourists: hotels, holiday lets, restaurants and retail stores aimed solely at this industry will all be very badly affected.

In short, for British tourists, only half the battle is won: not only do we need to be in a position where the Spanish government is allowing Britons to return to its shores, we also need to British Government to allow those Britons to leave.

Great News for Second Home Owners

By contrast, this announcement is great news for Britons who own second homes in Spain, and who are now allowed to return to their properties. The British definition of ‘reasonable excuse to travel’  will be extended to enable travel to be permitted for those who own a second home in Spain or who are in the process of renting or buying a property in the country.

In short, if you have a property in Spain or you are hoping to buy a property in Spain, then you are able to travel to the country from as early as the 30th March.

The Current Situation in Spain

If you’re eligible to travel to Spain then you will need to know what the current coronavirus situation in the country is. Regional lockdown restrictions will be enforced over the Easter weekend, but European travellers will still be permitted to enter the country. This means that whilst domestic travel will be restricted, international travel will not be.

In terms of case numbers, despite the third wave of the virus that is sweeping across Europe, Spain’s numbers seem to be much lower at this point than they were during the peak of the second wave. It’s worth monitoring this situation, which can change rapidly, to determine if you feel it’s safe to travel.

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