Spain Has Experienced a Huge Surge in The Number of American Visitors This Year

In just one year the number of Americans visiting Spain has increased by a whopping 17 percent.

If you’re noticing more Americans on Spanish beaches and in ancient cities then you’re not imagining it. The Americans have landed! In June alone, 1.8 million Americans visited Spain. This figure represents a significant 17.4 percent increase compared to the same period in 2022, a time when stringent COVID-19 restrictions were still in place.

The U.S market is demonstrating incredible growth in the country. We already know that the United Kingdom is the number one destinations of origin for visitors to Spain. But the United States is now the sixth most popular country of origin for arrivals to Spain.

Where are these American travelers visiting? And how much are they spending?

Here’s everything you need to know about Americans visiting Spain right now:

Where Are American Travellers Visiting In Spain?

Some destinations in Spain are more popular with American travelers than others. The most popular Spanish destination is Catalonia which attracted 41% of visitors. In second place is Madrid, which attracted 27% of American tourists.

According to Hector Gomez, the Minister of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism, the reason so many Americans are visiting Spain in general and these destinations in particular is because the “destination is synonymous with safety, sustainability, and modernity. With their substantial purchasing power and discerning standards, American tourists consider us among their preferred European vacation destinations. The U.S. market holds a position of paramount importance for our thriving tourism sector."

Which Other Destinations Are Popular With American Travelers?

The whole of Europe is seeing a huge surge in American tourists this summer. Comparing 2022 to 2021 should be done tentatively, as much of Europe was still experiencing coronavirus restrictions in 2021. But with this caveat in mind, American tourist volume increased by 249.5 percent, spending escalated by 250.8 percent, and overnight stays surged by 239.6 percent.

In addition to this there has been a progressive revival of U.S. spending in Spain compared to 2019 figures.

Other European countries have seen this same effect. The three most popular European countries for American tourists right now are the UK, France and Italy. But Spain is growing in popularity and these numbers are rising. The Spanish authorities are well aware of the innate potential within the vast U.S. market, which stands ready for significant expansion.

How Much Are American Tourists Spending?

When they arrive in Europe the amount that American tourists spend is high. On average, individuals spent 1,874 euros per trip, with a daily expenditure averaging 266 euros. Travel occupies a significant place in the budgets of 54.5 percent of Americans. They are seen as attractive visitors both in Spain and in wider Europe because, frankly, they have money to spend.

Between January and March, Europe witnessed the arrival of 2,947,720 American travellers, comprising 14.5 percent of the overseas visitor share. Given that there were still coronavirus related restrictions in place during early 2022, these figures are even more impressive. Border controls for visitors from outside of the EU remained in place in Spain until October 2022.

Why Are Americans Visiting Spain?

Amongst those American choosing to visit Spain, 86% report that they are doing so for leisure purposes. 65% hope to sightsee, 62% are interested in cultural exploration, and 55% are visiting Spain to shop.

In terms of accommodation the most popular choice is hotels, which are chosen by 80% of Americans whilst just 10% prefer to use apartment rentals. Whilst historically Americans are known for preferring tour packages, but just 16% were traveling on tours whilst the rest of the American visitors were choosing to plan their own itineraries.

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