Spain’s Bar and Nightclub Rules After Coronavirus

If you’re a fan of Spain’s energetic nightlife then we have good news: after many months of extended closures, Spain’s bars and nightclubs are finally open again.

But we have to recognise that, whilst the figures are declining, coronavirus is still an active disease, and that means that safety measures and rules have been put in place to enable bars and nightclubs to open in a way that is safe for both attendees and for the wider community.

Each of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions has different rules in place to ensure these, ranging from reduced capacity to early closing times.

To help you plan ahead, and make your next big night out a success, here are the current nightlife rules for each of the 17 regions in full:


Andalusia has introduced a new covid risk level, which it has coined ‘level 0’: this means that both bars and nightclubs in the region that are located in level 0 municipalities can open as they did before the pandemic, with no restrictions on their capacity or their opening times. For bars and nightclubs in level 1, there are some capacity restrictions: bars must shut at 2am and limit capacity to 75%, whilst nightclubs can seat only eight people at tables indoors and 10 people at tables outdoors.


In Aragon, bars and nightclubs are open again, but there are restrictions in place. Capacity is limited to 50% inside, but is back up to 100% if you choose to sit outside. You can sit on a table with ten people inside and 15 people outside, and nightclubs are now able to open until 4am again. Unfortunately, the dance floors inside these nightclubs still remain closed.


In Asturias, all limits on bar opening times have been removed, whilst nightclubs must close by 4am. You can eat and drink in a bar, and sit on tables both inside and outside with 6 people (inside) and 10 people (outside).

Balearic Islands

The party islands of the Balearics are delighted that their nightclubs can open again. They are introducing digital covid certificates to demonstrate vaccination status, and enable their visitors to access nightclubs.  This means that you will need to either be fully vaccinated, show that you have a negative Covid-19 test or show that you have recovered from Covid-19 if you want to visit a nightclub in the Balearics.  Other safety rules in place include reduced capacity of 75 percent, and reduced opening hours with nightclubs closing at 5am and bars closing at 2am. Masks will also still be required on the dance floor.

Basque Country

In the Basque Country, all capacity and opening hour limits for both bars and night clubs have been removed. However, in order to minimize covid risk, visitors are asked to continue wearing their masks, and social distancing measures inside bars and nightclubs remain in place.

Canary Islands

The different islands in the Canaries are at different levels, and so the rules will be different based on which level your location is in: Fuerteventura is at level 2, while Tenerife, Gran Canaria, El Hierro, Lanzarote, La Palma and La Gomera are at level 1. If you’re in a level 1 area then bars can open with 75percent capacity indoors and 100 percent capacity outdoors. Up to 12 individuals can share a table, and bars can open until 3am. Under level two restrictions capacities are reduced to 75% outdoors and 50% indoors, with opening hours shortened to 2am.


The whole region of Cantabria currently sits in covid level one and this means that bar capacities have been increased. If you sit outside, capacity has returned to 100% whilst inside it is 75%. You can share a table for six indoors and ten outdoors. In nightclubs capacities are slightly lower: 50% but with the same number of people per table. Nightclubs are able to stay open until 3am each evening.

Castilla-La Mancha

It’s good news for those living in Castilla-La Mancha, because all nightlife restrictions have now been lifted: the only rule that remains in place is that masks should be worn indoors.

Castilla y León

Castilla y León has also lifted all Covid restrictions on capacity limits and opening hours, meaning its residents can prepare to party!


Bars and nightclubs in Catalonia reopened on 6th October, but capacity has been dramatically reduced. Capacity now sits at between 60 and 70 percent, with opening times reduced to 5am on weekdays and 6am on weekends. Just like in the Balearics, you will need a Digital Covid Passport to access bars and nightclubs in Catalonia, and you will have to wear a mask at all times expect when you’re drinking, including when you’re on the dancefloor (where drinks aren’t allowed).

Music bars will be able to stay open until 2.30am on weekdays and 3am on weekends, and these will have their capacity reduced to 50 percent, with up to 10 people allowed on each table, regardless of whether you’re seated indoors or outdoors. 


On 30th September, Extremadura lifted most of their covid restrictions, but nightlife venues are still restricted to 80% capacity, and all people visiting them must wear a mask when they’re in an indoor venue.


From October 9th, capacities in Galicia’s bars have been increased. You can now share a table with up to 10 people indoors and up to 20 people on outdoor terraces. If the venue you are visiting requires you to show a covid passport on arrival then it can stay open until 4am and has a capacity of 75 percent, whilst those venues without this requirement have a capacity of 50 percent and can open until 3am.

La Rioja

If you love to dance it’s good news in La Rioja, where the dance floors are open. Capacities are reduced to 75 percent capacity inside, and 100 percent capacity on the terraces.


On October 4th, Madrid relaxed all rules on capacity limits and opening hours. Social distancing between tables remains in place, and you can only enjoy a drink if you’re seated at a table.


In Murcia the rules for bars and nightclubs will depend on which level the municipality is in: in level 1 capacity is at 75%, it sits at 50% in level 2, and 30% in level 3 locations. All venues can stay open until 4am, for both bars and nightclubs.


All restrictions on capacity limits and opening hours were lifted in Navarre on 1st October, however social distancing between tables is strongly advised.

Valencia region

On October 9th, the government of Valencia will relax all restrictions on capacity limits and opening times. Eating and drinking at the bar will be allowed and dance floors can open in nightclubs, but masks must be worn except when actively eating or drinking.

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