Sierra Nevada: Spain's Best Ski Resort

People often associate southern Spain with its beautiful beaches. However, at higher elevations, Spain hosts a beautiful winter wonderland!

In the region of Andalucia, province of Granada, you can find the highest peak in continental Spain. This beautiful mountainscape is home to the Sierra Nevada, fittingly translated to, "range covered in snow." At the Sierra Nevada Ski resort, you can experience a world-class getaway!

Sierra Nevada Ski Resort

The Sierra Nevada is one of the coolest places on Earth! Whether you live in Spain or plan to visit, you should definitely plan a trip in the Sierra mountains. Keep reading to learn why people regard this place as Spain's best ski resort.

Extended Ski Season

Many ski resorts near this area of Europe offer skiing from December to April. Sierra Nevada, Spain however, offers skiing from November until May! 

This means that you get more ski time on your favourite range and that you can go here when nowhere else in the area offers winter sports.

A longer ski season does not mean colder temperatures either. Despite its high elevations, temperatures stay comparatively warm when talking about ski slopes.

You should check the temperatures for that day when you visit, so you know how to dress. On the last day of the season, the resort actually encourages bikini skiing!

This resort offers more sunny ski days than anywhere else in Europe. You cannot get better than sunshine and ski time!

Don't these temperatures melt the snow? 

Worry not. This resort comes equipped with one of the World's most cutting-edge snow production systems that keeps the mountainside supplied.

Slopes for All Skiiers

This extensive resort boasts a capacity of nearly 30,000 skiers per hour, with 2,500 hectares of skiable slope and 131 total runs. The runs range from super easy to advanced, leaving every skier satisfied. For beginners, the resort offers 15 different ski schools to get you safely onto the slopes.

The verticle drop is 1200 m and the top station sits at 3300 m. You might not be on top of the world, but it for sure puts you at the tippy top of Spain and offers an exhilarating experience!

Cost Effectiveness

A longer ski season means that the resort can afford to drop the price a bit compared to other places. Furthermore, they cater more to locals than to tourists, leaving many affordable hotel and meal options. If you'd rather not skimp on the hotel, they also offer gorgeous luxury lodging as well.

Rich Culture

Sierra Nevada, Spain sits on top of a culturally diverse land. On the slopes, you can find an exciting Spanish nightlife. If you want to expand your trip a little, venture off the slopes to visit rich Moorish communities a and view the beautiful Arabic culture in Granada and nearby Morocco. 

Enjoy Your Life in Spain

Spain offers mesmerizing beauty at sea level and beyond. If you want to take a break from the white sand beaches to visit the snow white mountain, book a trip to the Sierra Nevada ski resort.

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