Securing a Digital Nomad Visa in Spain

The Digital nomad visa is the newest visa offering for non-EU citizens hoping to live and work in Spain.

Digital nomad living is becoming increasingly popular, particularly with younger individuals who want to see the world and progress their careers at the same time. Spain has yet to launch their own digital nomad visa but the plans are in a very advanced stage, and would allow individuals the opportunity to live and work in Spain for a maximum of 12 months with relative ease.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new digital nomad visa, and whether it’s the right option for you:

What is a Digital Nomad?

Before we detail the intricacies of applying for, and securing, a digital nomad visa in Spain, it’s important to answer the question ‘what is a digital nomad’, because these visas are different from the long-term visas that are offered to self-employed individuals. In short, digital nomads are individuals who work independently and remotely, meaning that they can travel and work anywhere in the world that they have an internet connection. There are currently 4.8 million remote workers who consider themselves digital nomads, and this number is set to rise, thanks to this increase in remote working due to the coronavirus pandemic, with recent studies suggesting that, globally, as many as 17 million people have their sights set on a digitally nomadic lifestyle.

The life of a digital nomad has become increasingly easy thanks to huge developments in internet and telecommunication tech in the past decade. Whilst many digital nomads work from the comfort of their home, many more use the freedom afforded by their job roles to travel and explore the world. Examples of job roles which can be performed digitally in this way include: graphic designers, online marketers and advertisers, writers, online tutors, web developers and many many more. Digital nomad living is the ideal choice if you want more freedom about how you work, when you work, and where you work.

Understanding the Digital Nomad Visa Spain Requirements

Spain is introducing the digital nomad visa in a bid to rejuvenate rural and remote towns and villages that have experienced depopulation as their residents move to larger cities. The aim of the Spanish digital nomad visa is to encourage remote workers to choose these towns for their year in Spain, with each digital nomad visa being valid for a maximum period of just 12 months. To establish the scheme, Spain has created a network of 30 towns and villages (each with a depopulation problem, and less than 5,000 remaining residents) which will be known as the National Network of Welcoming Villages for remote Workers. Red Nacional de Pueblos Acogedores para el Teletrabajo. If you’re looking for digital nomad best cities in Spain then you might wish to try these villages instead, for a warm and friendly welcome. As part of the scheme each digital nomad will be assigned a host who will welcome them, introduce them to village life, and help them to integrate into their new Spanish lifestyle with ease.

If you’re an EU citizen then you can live in Spain as a digital nomad without a visa. But if you aren’t an EU citizen (and this includes Britons since Brexit) then you will need to secure a digital nomad visa in order to live and work in Spain. If you wish to stay in Spain for longer than 12 months then a self-employment visa, or the popular (but expensive) Golden Visa might be the best choices for you, as they are the easiest to obtain and both allow you to work during your time in Spain. However if you plan on staying in Spain for 12 months or less, and are prepared to wait, then the digital nomad visa is likely to be the best visa for you: the Spanish government are in the process of creating this for digital nomads right now, and aim to have it in place within the next six months.

There are many excellent reasons to experience digital nomad living in Spain. If you’re currently deciding whether this is the right choice for you, then we have outlined some of these reasons below:

  • Creating a healthy work life balance is highly prized in Spain, so if you move to Spain you will have the time to explore the culture and lifestyle, as well as working.
  • The digital nomad lifestyle allows its adoptees to travel the world and fulfill their work commitments at the same time. Spain has excellent transport links, making it a great base if you want to explore wider Europe as part of your adventure.
  • Spain already has large and established communities of ex pats and digital nomads, meaning it will be easy to fit in and meet likeminded individuals.
  • Finally, Spain is simply a great place to live: the comparatively low cost of living, year-round good climate, excellent beaches and delicious food are all excellent draws for digital nomads hoping to immerse themselves into a new culture.

 Digital nomadism is a great way to explore the world without negatively impacting on your career development and the new digital nomad in Spain will open up a whole new world of exploration for established digital nomads. If you’re thinking of applying for the visa then it’s important to establish a remote career first: start your own online business, build a client base, and ensure you are financially secure, and the rest will follow.

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