Save Time and Hassle: Deal with These Driving Matters Online in Spain

Anyone living in Spain will know that the Spanish love of paperwork and bureaucracy can infiltrate almost every aspect of your everyday life. Mundane activities, such as paying your bills, taking your car for its road worthiness test, or renewing your passport can see you standing in long queues or waiting weeks for appointments.

This is particularly true when it comes to motoring in Spain, with a wide range of different tests and checks meaning that you could end up spending hours ensuring your car is legal and can be kept on the road. For many Britons, driving in Spain is absolutely vital, but keeping your car on the road can seem like hard work! Luckily, however, the Spanish department for transport (DGT) have moved with the times and now many of these things can now be done online.

Go Online, Save Time

To help you save time (and stop you pulling your hair out!) here is a full list of the officially motoring things you can now take care of online in Spain:

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