Recipes to Enjoy at Home: A Spanish Winter Food Special

Because Spain is such a popular destination for tourists hoping to soak up some sun, we often don’t think of Spanish food as being winter food. But that would be a big mistake. In reality, Spanish food is rich, and hearty, and flavoursome, and perfect for those long winter nights when you want to snuggle down with a bowl of something warm and delicious. To convince you that Spanish winter food is always a good idea, whether you’re living in Spain or dreaming of Spain in your cold living room in the UK, here are some of our favourite Spanish winter meals that you can easily recreate yourself, no matter where you are.

Fabada Asturiana

Fabada Asturiana is a white bean and blood sausage stew that is incredibly popular in northwestern Spain: and it tastes much more appealing than it sounds! Chorizo is added to give spice and depth and the stew is made with a blend of spices that make it the perfect way to warm yourself up on a cold day. Traditionally served with a glass of ice cold cider, this is an easy recipe to make at home, and perfect for batch cooking and then freezing so that you always have a hot and filling meal to hand.

Sopa de Ajo

There is no better way to warm up on a cold day than with a bowl of hearty soup, and soup doesn’t get much better than Sopa de Ajo, or garlic soup. This dish originates from the city of Palencia in the Castilla y Leon region. Whilst the name gives away that the main ingredient in this soup is garlic, in reality the other dominant ingredient is chunks of bread. Garlic and paprika are boiled into a broth, and then chunks of bread are thrown into the mixture to soak up the juices. The dish is then topped with a poached egg, meaning that it is much more filling than you might expect from a conventional bowl of soup.

Caldo Gallego

Yet another Spanish winter soup, this time originating from the region of Galicia. Caldo Gallego is a warming chunky soup, loaded with white beans, potatoes, bacon, chorizo and cabbage. It is an incredibly easy soup to make, and one that is popular with pilgrims who walk the Camino de Santiago trail during the winter months. As these pilgrims returned home, they took the recipe and flavours with them, and so Caldo Gallego is now popular across Spain.

Churros and Chocolate

Churros and chocolate are popular in Spain year-round, but they are especially useful as a winter warmer during the colder months. As the temperatures drop, most cafes across Spain will serve steaming hot mugs of semi-sweetened hot chocolate and traditional crunchy churros to dip into it. This is a treat that can be enjoyed at any time of day: regardless of whether you’re looking for a simple breakfast or a bedtime snack! The key to making this dish is to ensure you eat the churros as soon as they’re fried, and use the highest quality chocolate you can afford for your hot chocolate.

Cocido Madrileno

Originating from Madrid, Cocido Madrileno is an exciting Spanish winter dish that comprises of a hearty series of courses. You start with a simple noodle soup and then you move on to a mixed dish that is made up of chickpeas, potatoes, beef shank, pork belly and chorizo. You can enhance the flavour (and add extra colour) by adding carrots and cabbage to the dish too. Cocido Madrileno is incredibly popular across Spain, and if you’re a vegetarian it is possible to leave out the meat and create an equally delicious vegetarian version of the dish.


Looking to find something unfussy and light to warm you up on a cold winters day? Then you need a mug of caldo! This simple broth is served in cafes and restaurants across Spain and comprises slow cooked meat, vegetables and stewed bones. It’s easy to make, but it tastes delicious, and you’re sure to find restaurant windows advertising that they serve caldo no matter where you are in Spain.

Sopa de Lentejas

Legumes are incredibly popular in Spanish winter dishes, and they are also wonderfully healthy, making sopa de lentejas a great choice for a healthy midweek meal. This lentil soup is made up of lentils which are cooked alongside carrots, onions, potatoes and chorizo. Smoked paprika adds a a rich and wintery flavour, and you can also add garlic to inject extra elements of taste. This easy dish is incredibly simple to make at home.

Cafe Con Leche

Finally, if you’re in need of warming up and a caffeine fix at the same time then cafe con leche is a great choice. This is the most popular coffee you can buy in Spain and it is made of a shot of espresso alongside plenty of rich and creamy steamed milk. Whether you stop in a café or order a take out, you’ll be delighted to receive a café con leche and warm yourself up on a cold winter day.

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