Purchasing A New Build In Spain? Here’s What To Look For

House prices are expected to fall by 3% in 2023, and another 2% in 2024, a recent analysis by financial services company, Bankinter, reveals. So, if you’re considering purchasing a new-build property in Spain, there’s never been a better time. New builds typically include many fixtures and fittings within the total price, although the exact details depend on the individual developer you go with. By taking time to look for the right features to suit your needs, you’ll successfully find the Spanish home of your dreams.  

Air conditioning and heating

It’s a misnomer to believe Spain is hot and sunny all year long – inland areas, in particular, are typically no strangers to sub-zero temperatures for at least half the year (November through to April). Yet, no matter which region you purchase your new build, you’ll find temperatures cool down considerably over the winter, which makes heating just as important as cooling. An air conditioning unit with heating and cooling options is therefore a smart investment to help ensure year-long comfort in your new build. This is also a great choice for homes without enough room for an oil tank or gas flue. The latest units also use R32 refrigerant, which is more efficient, eco-friendly, and economical (particularly if you have a smaller property). 

Be prepared to inject your own personality  

Traditional Spanish colonial homes are typically packed with personality, featuring things like white stucco walls, wooden doors, and terracotta tiles. New build properties, on the other hand, lack these charming features, so you’ll have to be prepared to inject personality into your home if desired. For example, a simple tiled fireplace in your living room can give the space the same warm and rustic feel as Spanish-style homes. And, if you plan on doubling your living room up as an office space for remote work, be sure to add features that create an uplifting and energizing environment. Fresh flowers and indoor plants, for instance, not only look beautiful, but they can also boost mood, lower stress levels, and increase attention and productivity

Swimming pool

If your budget and space-constraints allow, a swimming pool is a must-have feature for your Spanish new build. In fact, one in every 37 inhabitants in Spain have their own backyard pool. And, it’s easy to see why: swimming pools can add value to your property, as well as provide hours of fun and relaxation. Since building a swimming pool is a large, complex, and expensive task, you may want to consider using an international pool builder. By eliminating any language barriers, you can better facilitate open communication and more easily stay in control of the project.  

Offering gorgeous weather and scenery and affordable prices, Spain is the ideal location to purchase a new build. By being sure your property has air conditioning and heating and a pool, as well as being prepared to add your own personality, you’ll successfully find the Spanish home of your dreams.