People Escape Cities for Coastal Málaga

This year has seen a massive change in the way that people both live and work in Spain. Everyone is spending more time at home, and the rise of home working means that more people are working from home too. Whilst having the right property, therefore, has become increasingly important, being close to your office and the other perks of living in a big city have become less so. After all, with the right high speed internet connection you could work from anywhere: so why not work from the beach?

For many people, this shift has been the push they needed to take the leap and move from the city to the coast or countryside, and live in the location of their dreams. And figures show that, for a sizeable number of Spaniards, this means moving to Malaga! Wondering if the move to Malaga might be the right choice for you?

Reasons to Make the Move to Malaga

Here are some of the reasons why joining the throng and escaping to coastal Malaga might be the right option for you:

  • The opportunity to spend time outdoors. Whether you enjoy water sports, or traditional countryside pursuits (such as mountain biking or hiking) you will find that these outdoor activities are much more enjoyable in Malaga than they are in the heat and the smog of the big city. Malaga is well-known as an active, outdoor-focused city making it ideal for those that want to
  • Affordable property. Both property and rental prices in the bigger Spanish cities, such as Barcelona and Madrid, are notoriously expensive. You may well find that by moving to Malaga, you can exchange a shoebox size apartment for a bigger and more comfortable property: Ideal if you’re spending large amounts of your time at home!
  • The excellent weather. If you’re going to be locked down, and with your movements relatively restricted, for an extended period of time then why not choose somewhere that’s warm and sunny? Winter in Madrid can feel long and cold, whereas winter temperatures in Malaga still average 18 degrees each day. Where better to spend your
  • A slower pace of life. Life in Malaga feels much slower and more nurturing than life in one of Spain’s larger cities. Whilst you can still enjoy the hustle bustle of city life (and you’ll have the convenience of access to the usual amenities you can expect in a city) you’ll also find it easier to get to know your neighbors and build relationships with those living in your community.

Case Studies: Why Choose Malaga?

Social Media Specialist Sophie is one of the individuals who has chosen to move from Madrid to Malaga. Sophie was living alone in an apartment in Madrid, and chose to move to Malaga in October. Sophie was feeling increasingly isolated in Madrid, as a result of the COVID pandemic, and as she was working from home (and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future) she felt that moving to Malaga, where the weather would be better during the winter month and where she would have more access to outdoor space, would be the right choice for her. Sophie said: “My apartment in Madrid was feeling increasingly box-like, and I found myself longing to be somewhere with more outdoor space. I’d always loved Malaga, having spent holiday time there, so it was the first place that came to mind when I started thinking about moving to the coast. I feel like I've had a new lease of life, and so far the move has been really good for me.”

Account executive Georges agreed with Sophie’s sentiment, having made the decision to move to work from home somewhere that had a much warmer climate and where he would have easy access to the beach and to outdoor space. Says Georges: “the lower cost of living was particularly appealing, but the opportunity to spend more time outdoors is what really helped me make my decision to move. I feel fitter and healthier than ever, and instead of taking public transport like I used to, I now cycle everywhere. It was the right choice for me, and I can understand why it’s such a popular move.”

 Are you thinking of making the move to Malaga? Ready to enjoy the peace and tranquility of an escape from the city? Whether you’re looking to buy a home or rent a home in the area, our local property experts can help you to find the perfect property for you. Why not get in touch today to find out more about how they could help.