Obtaining a Schengen Business Visa for Spain

Since the UK made the decision to leave the EU, the way in which Britons enter Spain (and other EU countries) has changed. Britons are still able to enter Spain for up to 90 days (3 months) out of each 180 day period using a Schengen tourist visa. This is the tourist visa that is used by all third-party nationals entering Spain. But what if you are a third party national and you need to enter Spain for business purposes? In that case, you would need to obtain a Schengen Business visa. Just like the tourist visa, this will also allow you to enter Spain for up to 3 months, but it will also enable you to conduct business-related activities during your stay. Here’s everything you need to know about obtaining a Schengen business visa to enter Spain:

Do I Need a Schengen Business Visa?

If the purpose of your trip is purely for tourism reasons, then you will only need a Schengen tourism visa. But if you intend to attend a single business meeting, spend time with clients or potential clients, or attend a conference during your time in Spain then you will need to obtain a Schengen business visa for your visit to Spain.

It’s important to note that, even if you have a business visa, any business activity during your trip must be unpaid. The Schengen business visa does not enable you to undertake any paid work during your time in Spain.

The Schengen business visa is required for visitors from most third party countries (you can see a list of the countries that would need this visa here). Note that the UK is not included, so if you are a Briton attending business meetings and conferences then you do not need to secure a special visa. However, if you are undertaking paid business activities, you will need to secure a Schengen business visa.

How to Apply for a Schengen Business Visa

In order to apply for a Schengen business visa you will need to make an application appointment with the Spanish consulate in your home country. If you are in the UK, you can complete this process online via the BLS website. In most cases, you will need to attend an interview with your completed application form, all other relevant documentation, and the relevant application fee.

If your business travels will take you to more than one Schengen country then you should make your application at the consulate of the country that you are spending most of your time in: in this case, you will be able to enter Spain using the visa issued from another country without having to make a separate application to the Spanish consulate. The fees vary depending on where you are applying and the specific type of visa you need, but as a rule of thumb you can expect to spend between 35 euros and 80 euros per applicant.

What Documents Will I Need to Apply?

The list of documentation you will need to make your application for a Schengen Business Visa is fairly extensive, and includes all of the following:

  • A copy of your most recent bank statement demonstrating you have sufficient funds for your trip. You will need 100 euros per day that you will be in the Schengen region.
  • A copy of your hotel or apartment reservation for the full length of your stay
  • Airline tickets for both directions of travel
  • A comprehensive travel health insurance policy
  • Invitation letters from the company or business you are visiting, or a letter from your employer detailing the business trip you are undertaking
  • A recent credit card statement
  • A completed copy of the application form
  • A 5x5cm passport photo of yourself
  • Your original passport and a photcopy of your passport, or other official travel document

You may need additional documentation that isn’t included in this list, as rules and regulations change all the time, so please check with the consulate in your home country prior to your appointment. Allow plenty of time to make your application, as it can take between 1-2 weeks to find out if your application has been successful and your visa has been issued.

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