Moving To Spain? You’ll Need A Gestor. Here’s Why

If you’re considering moving to Spain or have been doing any research on whether a move to Spain is right for you then you’ll probably have heard people refer to a gestor. While gestors are often talked about their role is a little trickier to define.

An English-speaker gestor will serve many roles and make life much easier for you if you choose to move to Spain as a foreign resident. Gestors serve so many different functions. They act as consultants, accountants, admininstrators and advisors.

But what exactly can a gestor do? Here’s what you need to know:

Helping You Deal With Spanish Bureaucracy

Spanish bureaucracy is notorious for being time consuming and difficult to navigate, particularly as a foreign national. But a gestor serves as a valuable first point of call when you have any paperwork to complete. In effect they can act as an intermediary between you and the often-complicated government in Spain.

To work as a Gestor an individual must be licensed and gestores work in gestorias which are regulated administrative offices. So you have an extra layer of security knowing that the person assisting you with this paperwork is qualified to do so.

You won’t truly understand just how much paperwork and bureaucracy is involved in living in Spain until you take the plunge and make the move. But beaucracy has been likened to a national sport in the country.

If you don’t speak Spanish or don’t completely understand the system then a Gestor will do all of the hard work of this for you.

A gestor can help you to get appointments to secure your driving license, NIE and TIE card, even when you can’t get appointments for this independently.

What Can A Gestor Help You Do?

Residency. If you want to move to Spain then one of the most important thing a gestor can help with is ensuring you complete your residency application correctly.

Gestors help with residency every day so they will need what documents you need for your application, and will often know the office staff at the embassy where you are completing your application. They can check your documents are correct before you submit your application so it’s less likely to be rejected.

They may even be able to go with you when you present your application, or attend on your behalf if you don’t have the time to go back and forth.

Tax Issues. If you’re working for a Spanish company as a salaried employee then it is likely that your employer will handle most of your paperwork on your behalf. But if you’re self employed or if you don’t intend to work in Spain then you will be responsible for your own fiscal concerns. And keeping up with the paperwork involved is one of the most difficult elements of being self employed in Spain. A Gestor can help you with payroll, tax declarations and contracts. They can also help you complete the right forms to declare any assets you hold in your home country.

Look for a local gestor if you need support with tax issues as they will know your local tax authority, and will also be well placed to argue your case in person if necessary.

Other tax issues such as inheritance tax and property tax can also be taken care of by your gestor.

Health. You probably already know that as a foreign resident in Spain you will need to have private health insurance to enter the country. But a gestor can also help you with the process of getting a healthcard for your region and any other health related requirements.

What Can’t Gestors Do?

With no many roles filled and aspects of support offered you would be forgiven for thinking that there’s nothing your gestor can’t do. But they can’t do everything. For example a gestor cannot give certifications or attestations - known in Spain as “fé pública. Any legal documents such as these must instead be overseen by a notary.

Your gestor also can’t fulfill the role of a lawyer either – they can’t represent you in court. Instead you will need to hire an abogado (lawyer) who will represent you in any cases related to property law, disputes and litigation, divorce and custody and other legal affairs.

For some tax matters you may also find that these are outside the remit of your gestor and you will need a tax certified accountant instead.

Will You Need To Hire A Spanish Gestor?

There is no hard and fast rule that you should hire a gestor in Spain and in theory at least, you can complete all of the bureaucratic processes in Spain independently. But a gestor will make handling official processes in Spain so much easier.

They understand all the intricacies of navigating the state system and the paperwork involved. Applications will be much faster and smoother with their support. You may also find your gestor can get your appointments that you otherwise would struggle to get independently. You don’t have to hire a gestor. But it could actually save you both time and money in the long run.

How Much Will A Gestor Cost?

The rates that you will pay for a gestor vary from company to company but a good rule of thumb is that you should expect to pay around €100 per quarter range, depending on the location and service. Ask for recommendations from local ex-pat residents who many be able to point you in the direction of

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