More Than Just Sangria: 5 of the Most Famous Spanish Drinks

Five Famous Spanish Drinks

1. Agua De Valencia

Agua de Valencia, or Water of Valencia, brings a Spanish twist on the classic mimosa. It's a mixture of champagne, orange juice, vodka, and gin. It originated in the city of Valencia, which is famous for its oranges, and is now a staple Spanish cocktail. It's the perfect companion to a sunny day!

2. Rebujito

This classic Andalucia drink is commonly available during festival season in the spring and summer. If you're there for it, you'll see countless people drinking this carbonated cocktail. Rebujito is made out of white sherry and lemon or lime soda, like Sprite. The sherry gives the lemon-lime taste a nice dry touch and is perfect for a hot day at the beach.

3. Cava

Cava wine is the Spanish alternative to champagne. This bubbly drink a sparkling wine, produced in the champenoise traditional method, usually made in the Catalonia region. It can be served either white or pink and is usually mixed with a lot of fruits.

If you're looking for a nice kick, mix your sangria with some cava! Or try this sparkling treat the next time you're celebrating something big.

4. Kalimotxo

If you want a drink you can only find in Spain, look no further. Kalimotxo, although hard to pronounce, is actually very easy to make. Just take equal parts red wine and coca cola, or any cola-flavored soft drink. That's it! The drink has a great sweet flavor which is why it's probably so popular with young adults.

5. Queimada

If you like a drink with a show, this one is for you. The Queimada drink comes with a spooky performance and a spooky past. Originally from Galicia, the drink is made out of orujo, sugar, lemon peel, and spices. When it's brought to your table, it's lit on fire while brandy is poured into the glass, producing a mesmerizing purple and pink tinted fire.

To make it even more spooky, a spell that mentions witches and the devil is recited to transfer the drink's magic powers to the person drinking it. Pretty cool, right?

Wrapping Up

On your next trip to Costa del Sol, don't forget to try out these famous Spanish drinks.

They all originated in Spain and, with their interesting backgrounds, they are bound to impress. If you enjoyed this list and are thinking about visiting or moving to Costa del Sol, don't hesitate to contact us! We specialize in all things Spain and what it takes to move there. We have thousands of  properties for sale in Mijas, Benalmadena, Fuengirola and more!