Living in Spain With Pets: New Pet ID For 2022

If you’re living in Spain with your cat or dog (or both) then, from 2022, you will need to secure extra documentation in order to keep your pet legally. The official Spanish national pet ID (which is known in Spain as ‘el DNI Animal’ will be introduced by the National Government with the goal of increasing animal rights, and preventing animal abuses, in the country. If you already live in Spain with your pet, or are thinking of moving to Spain with your pet, then here’s everything you need to know about this ID and how it might affect you:

Why is the National Pet ID being introduced?

The National Pet ID scheme has been approved by the government, and will be introduced in 2022. According to Spain’s General Directorate of Animal Rights, the aim of the bill is to create a national database of all of the pets in Spain (starting with cats and dogs, which are the target of this bill), meaning that they can be better protected. This was reinforced by the Spanish Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Ione Belarra, who stated that the aim of identifying animals in this way would “guarantee that we are on the right path and have a model where no animal is left to its own devices in Spain”.

What Information Will the Pet ID Contain?

When you register your pet with the National Pet ID scheme, they will receive an official document which will contain a host of information about the animal. This will include the animals date of birth, its vaccination status (and the dates the vaccinations were administered), as well as outline any mistreatment of the pet, either by its current of previous owners. It has been suggested, though not yet confirmed, that the Pet ID will also contain a photo of the pet.

If your pet is already microchipped, you will still need to register to the Pet ID scheme as well. The document will be compatible with the microchip, and will contain similar information, meaning that if your pet is lost or abandoned, it will be easier to get them back to you safely.

What Documents Will My Pet Need?

If you want to own a pet is Spain then you will need the following documents in place, in order for your ownership to be legal:

  • A pet health booklet (cartilla sanitaria) which will contain the full details of your pets medical and vaccination history. This should be issued by their registered vet, and updated by them after every visit.
  • It is a legal requirement that every cat and dog in Spain is microchipped
  • A certificate proving that your pet has been vaccinated against rabies
  • If you wish to travel outside of Spain (but inside the EU) then you will need to secure an EU pet passport for your pet. If you don’t wish to travel with your pet then your pet doesn’t need a pet passport: this is the only item on this list that is optional.
  • The new DNI Animal (coming in 2022) which will include the animals name, species, gender, breed, data of birth and microchip number.

What Other Changes Will Be Affecting Animals in Spain?

When the DNI Animal Pet ID scheme was proposed, the Spanish government also proposed other measures that complemented this, and that would considerably improve animal rights in the country if they were approved. This bill was proposed on 6th October by Pedro Sanchez’s government, and will be discussed by the Council of Ministers in November. The other measures that will be discussed (but may not be approved) are:

  • That potential pet owners will be required to undertake a training course before they are allowed to adopt a pet: this course will cover such topics as handling pets, caring for them, and when they will need medical attention.
  • Pet shops will no longer be able to sell pets (with the exception of fish) to prevent impulse buying of animals. Those wishing to purchase a pet will need to either visit a professional breeder or adopt a pet from a shelter.
  • Each household will only be allowed to own a maximum of five pets (although if you already have more than five pets in your home this rule won’t be applied retroactively).

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