How To Officially Change Your Address in Spain

If you’re thinking of moving to a new home in Spain then you’ll be pleased to know there’s plenty of paperwork for you to get your teeth into when the moving process is complete!

As well as obvious processes, such as changing you’re your address with your bank and updating the address on your driver's license, there are other address updates you’ll need to complete that you might not have thought of.

Like so many things in Spain, changing your address in Spain will involve plenty of paperwork.

Here’s everything you need to know about to ensure that the process is completed properly:

Updating Your Driver’s License

Although Spanish driver’s licenses don’t have addresses printed on them, in the same way that British driver’s licenses do, it's important that you still update your address with the DGT (Directorate General of Traffic).  Any notifications, parking fines or other important information will be sent to your home address. Your address will also impact on how much car tax you pay, as each town hall sets their own rates, so it’s important to ensure that this address is correct.

Updating the address on your driver’s license is free, and relatively simple. You’ll simply need a rental contract, or other proof of address to process the update. It is one of the driving changes that Spanish drivers can make online, meaning that you can make the update from the comfort of your own sofa.

Updating the Padron

If you’re already living in Spain then you’ll know that the Padron is a register that every Spanish resident must be included on (similar to the electoral roll in the UK). When you change your address, you should update your details with the Padron as soon as possible. This will enable your local town hall to know where to contact you for any official purposes, and therefore even if you stay in the same town or district, your registration details should be updated.

Informing Your Bank

There are many reasons why it’s important to inform your bank as soon as you change your address. These include not wanting the strangers now living in your old address to have access to your bank account details and bank statements, and wanting your regular post from your bank to go to your correct address, so that you can read it. Luckily, changing your address with your Spanish bank is very simple. You can do this by going into your nearest bank branch and completing a ‘change of address’ form.

Should You Change Your Residency Document?

Officially, there is no reason to update your residency document when you change address, according to the Spanish Immigration Department. However, the extranjeria offices and police stations in some regions will ask that the address on your document is correct and ask that you get a new document each time you move. For this reason, you should notify your nearest police station as soon as you change your address, then they can let you know whether there are any additional steps you should take.

Organising Your Social Security and Tax

If you’re moving a considerable distance then informing the social security office will be absolutely essential: this is because in order to be assigned a doctor at the health centre closest to your new home, you’ll have to update your social security details with your new address. If you move to a new region then this is likely to involve applying for a new health card too.

Informing social security of your new address is important for other reasons too, particularly if you move to a new region. Each autonomous region is able to set their own tax conditions, so your fiscal responsibilities may change completely. What’s more, the tax office will need your updated address to send any notifications by post.

Is There Anything Else?

Other entities that should be informed of your change of address will vary from person to person. If you pay your own water and electricity bills (rather than have these included in your rental agreement) then you should contact the providers directly. This is also true of the internet if you have this at home, and the phone company, for both your mobile phone and your landline if you have one.

The providers of any insurance policies you hold (life insurance, home insurance, even travel insurance) should be informed. Finally, think about any subscriptions you hold: from Amazon Prime to magazine subscriptions, if you had to input your address when you registered then you should change your address when you move.

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