How To Find The Right Home And Contents Insurance Cover In Spain

Buying your very own Spanish property would be a dream come true. But once you’ve got your hands on the home you’ve always wanted it and then furnished it, you want to make sure it’s protected.

Property, contents, and liability insurance is designed to protect your property from external forces such as damage and burglary.

But how do you get coverage? What kind of coverage do you need? And how much should you expect to pay?

Here’s everything you need to know about home and contents insurance cover in Spain:

Do I Need Insurance In Spain?

12% of Spain’s population are ex-pats, which means they may not be clear on what the rules surrounding insurance in the country are. The fact is whilst car insurance is a legal requirement in Spain, home insurance isn’t.

But just because you don’t legally need to insure your property, or its contents doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your home from risks such as break ins and fire or water damage. Home insurance is an important thing to secure for your own peace of mind.

What Types Of Home Insurance Are Available In Spain?

There are 2 types of home insurance generally available in Spain. These are contents insurance and building insurance.

If you’re familiar with home insurance in the UK, or many other places worldwide, then you’ll know that contents insurance protects you moveable home assets (such as furnishings, valuables, and other belongings) while buildings insurance covers the structure of your property itself and anything fixed to the home, such as the walls or ceilings.

There's no need to choose between one of the other. The most popular option is to take both, in a combined package this is often referred to simply as home insurance.  Most forms of home insurance in Spain typically include liability insurance coverage. If not, you can usually add this on as an extra as well. You’re likely to find that if you take both types of insurance you may be offered a small discount.

Do You Have To Insure Your Spanish Property With A Spanish Insurer?

Technically there is no law in Spain that prevents their citizens from securing home insurance from overseas, but you may find that you will pay more for this, as you will need to purchase an extended coverage policy that includes overseas protection. Contents insurance is likely to be easier to find for an overseas property than building insurance.

If you’re relocating to Spain, you might be able to transfer your existing home insurance policy to your new property if your insurance provider operates in Spain. All insurers in the EU/EFTA region are legally able to trade in Spain provided they follow EU guidelines.

But we recommend keeping your options open, and shopping around to secure the best price for the insurance coverage level you need. This is because a foreign company may charge extra fees, such as admin fees, to administer policies across borders.

Which Are The Biggest Home Insurance Companies In Spain?

Want to look for a home insurance policy with a Spanish provider?  This often proves to be a more cost-effective way to find the right policy for you.  Some of the biggest insurers offering home coverage in Spain include:


Linea Directa


If your property in Spain is a holiday home or if you rent it out then you may need an insurer that offers deals specifically for expats. Liberty and Caser are both good options. Many Spanish banks also offer insurance packages, so you could package your insurance in with your Spanish bank account.

How Much Will Home And Contents Insurance Cost In Spain?

This is a tricky question to answer, as the amount you will pay for your insurance will depend on the size and value of your home, the value of your contents, and the condition of your property too.

But as a general rule you can expect a basic contents policy to cost around €75–€100 a year for basic policies. Expect to pay around €125–€200 annually for all-risk coverage. And if you have particularly expensive valuables in your property then that price may shoot up again.

For your building insurance you are covering the structure of your home and not the contents, although some companies may offer a combined package. Costs for this will depend on the type of property you own, with apartments understandably cheaper to insurance than large villas.

Costs usually start at around €100 for basic plans but can be around €400–€500 or more for all-inclusive insurance on large detached properties.

Understanding Combined Home Insurance

If you want both home and contents insurance then it may be cheaper and easier to take out just one policy. For that reason, combined home insurance is the most popular type of home insurance in Spain.

You will usually get liability coverage included with this too. Combined insurance is particularly suitable for owners who are owner occupiers. Meaning you have purchased a property in Spain and you intend to live in it.

Liability insurance in Spain is a handy thing to have. It covers your costs in the event of an incident that causes injury or damage to third parties or their property, either in your home or caused by your property. It can cover legal costs, medical costs, property replacement costs, and even funeral costs in the event of a fatal accident.

Discounts for buying a combined insurance policy rather than 2 separate policies are usually between 10-20%.

How Do You Apply For Home Insurance In Spain?

Each insurance company in Spain will have their own application process, but the good news is that applying for home insurance is easy. You can usually do this over the phone or online.

If the insurer needs to assess your house before they can give you a quote then a local agent may then contact you to discuss your requirements and take you through the process.

For buildings insurance the insurer is likely to need extensive information about your property including its age, size, and condition. Your insurer may ask you to provide a professional valuation. You’ll also need to prove your identity and have your NIE number handy, as well as your bank details for payment.

Most policies last a 12 month period on a rolling basis. This means if you don’t cancel the policy after 12 months it will just automatically renew.

How To Make A Home Insurance Claim In Spain

If something happens and you need to make an insurance claim in Spain then you may be wondering what to do. This is especially true if don’t speak Spanish and have the added complication of a language barrier.

Your first step should be to contact your insurer as soon as possible. They will clear details of the claims process when you take out your policy, and they can run you through it again when you call to start your claim. This is usually done over the phone or via email, and if you have been burgled you will need to provide a crime reference number. 

You will need to complete a claim form and give details of the policyholder, policy number, and details of your claim. You can send pictures if you are reporting damage. Straightforward claims are normally settled within a few weeks, meaning you’ll have the money you need to replace any items, repair any damage, and put your life back to normal again.