How to Find the Best Real Estate Agents in Mijas, Spain

Whether it's for the sun or the sea, the beach is where we all want to be. Hundreds of properties in Mijas, Spain get listed and sold every year, and it's easy to see why. Mijas is an amazing city that attracts tourists on holiday from all over the world.

Have you thought of buying a holiday home? We've got good news and bad news. The bad news is that buying a holiday home is always a complicated process. Add "beachside" in the mix, and things get even more complicated.

Now for the good news: the expert real estate agents in Mijas, Spain know the ins and outs of this process. But how do you find the best real estate agent?

If you are looking for the best agents to give you the information you need about properties in Mijas, these tips will help you find the pros to hire.

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Qualities You Need In an Estate Agent

A good estate agent makes all the difference in your Spanish home purchase. They know the market inside and out. They have a local community presence with all of the resources you need to help you with the transaction, even if you are in a foreign country.

They can connect you with cleaners and furniture companies, lawyers, and removal companies to make moving easier. Most of all, they have excellent negotiation skills and they will get you the holiday home of your dreams.

Working with an amateur or ineffective estate agent can make the outcome as painful as the process. No one wants to have their heart set on a property only to have the deal fail.

You need an estate agent with your best interests in mind. Here are some tips to help you find exactly the person you need.

Check the Ads

Many successful Spanish agents advertise online, especially targeting foreign publications. Some real estate agents in Spain have sophisticated websites with 360 views and virtual walkthroughs of homes. English is widely spoken, so do not worry if your Spanish needs work.

If you are in a specific area and wish to search by telephone, the directory listing you want is "Inmobiliarias".

Get Recommendations

Most foreign buyer specialists find work through referrals from agents in the buyer's home country. If they do an excellent job, their clients tell other holidaymakers and home sellers about them, and they end up with more work.

You'll have great fortune finding a talented estate agent if you make a request to friends and family members for recommendations. Asking around is critical if you're unfamiliar with locals.

Research the Rules

No matter what your friends and family say, it's vital to conduct some of your own due diligence on a potential real estate agent.

First off, remember that Spain has no legal registration or regulation of estate agents. Anyone can hang out a sign calling themselves an estate agent. Be careful of amateur rogue agents operating in Spanish resort areas.

Look for the extra protection of membership in international organisations, such as the Association of International Property Professionals. Right Casa for example, are certified members of the AIPP and have voluntarily committed themselves to industry regulaton. Check Right Casa´s Membership Here.

Check the Web

Most estate agents have websites and many of them use their internet presence to collect prospects. Increasingly, holiday home buyers depend on the instant communication of the internet to get to know an agent's work.

Shop around online before meeting an agent, much less signing a contract! Use Google to research your estate agent's reputation. Be sure your agent and their team have no questionable complaints on consumer websites like allAgents or Trustpilot.

A Good Agent Saves You Time & Hassle

Many agents have access to the same properties, via a Multi Listing System - so why waste your time meeting and greeting with hundreds of agents? If you are happy with the agent, present them with the properties you have found - they should be able to show you these properties.

Superior agents provide a quantity of quality information. Agents vary in their professionalism, efficiency, and experience. If the agent makes a minimal effort in showing you what you want, move on. If you're shown properties that don't meet your needs, redirect the agent immediately!

Questions for Real Estate Agents in Mijas, Spain

Questions help you choose an agent for their strengths and weaknesses. Talk to the agent about your budget. Ask about the local area market. If this is your first holiday home, talk to your potential estate agents about the title deeds process and other specifics to ensure that your agent is ready to take you through step by step.

Some things to think about:

  • Experience in the particular neighbourhoods and lifestyle
  • Expertise in the type of property
  • Negotiation style and skills
  • Past client testimonials and relationships

A competent legal professional should review any holiday home purchase made in Spain. An independent, registered lawyer reduces your chances of any problems cropping up later.

Ready to See Some Perfect Holiday Homes?

Now you know what you want and what questions to ask to find the best real estate agents in Mijas, Spain. Let us show you some perfect homes in Mijas from our wide selection of Mijas villas and apartment listings for saleMijas villas and apartment listings for sale. One is for you!

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