How Spain is Keeping Tourists Safe

Can you travel to Spain, can’t you travel to Spain? The rules are restrictions surrounding tourism during these new times of COVID have been very confusing, with many tourists choosing to cancel their trips for fear that now simply isn’t the right time to travel. But actually, Spanish officials have been working very hard to keep tourists in the country safe. From pre-arrival contact forms to regular temperature checks, here’s everything you need to know about the realities of travelling safely in Spain right now:

Passenger Location Cards

Rather than book a quick break and then breeze through check in, you will now be required to complete and submit a Passenger Location Card before you arrive in Spain. This will only take a few minutes to complete (so shouldn’t put you off travelling) and serves a vital role: it will simply ask where you’re staying, where you have travelled recently, and whether you have experienced any COVID symptoms.  This will enable Spanish officals to know exactly where you are so that they can keep you safe, and enable contact tracing to take place, should an outbreak take place in the area you are staying in.

At the Airport

The biggest change that you will notice at the airport is that thermal imaging temperature checks and no-contact thermometers are being used (the method used to take your temperature will vary from airport to airport). Some airlines will require that you wear a face mask during the full duration of your flight and, depending on the country airport that you pass through, you may also be required to wear your face mask at all times when in the airport: carry one with you, and follow local guidelines. When travelling from the airport to the hotel, if you are using public transport then you will also need to wear a face mask.

Ariving At Your Hotel in Spain

When you arrive at your hotel in Spain you will also notice some changes, compared to your pre-COVID stay. All staff will be wearing PPE, hand sanitizing stations will be provided (and you will be encouraged to use these regularly) and extra cleaning of both rooms and communal areas in the hotel will be required.

Beyond this, different hotels are enforcing different policy to ensure that both their staff and their customers are as safe as possible. These include screens at reception, temperature checks on arrival and even contactless hotel entry. If you are dining in your hotel than you will also find that this is different too: tables in traditional restaurants and bars have been spaced further apart to allow for social distancing and the breakfast buffet is a thing of the past. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a hearty breakfast! Instead of choosing your own food , you will be expected to choose what you want, and it will be freshly prepared for you.


So you know how you’ll get to Spain, and what your hotel will be like when you arrive, but what will you do when you get there? And how safe is tourism in Spain? Just like everywhere else in the country, the biggest tourist attractions have also been working hard to ensure that they can welcome back visitors in as safe a way as possible. For the vast majority of attractions, you are advised to book in advance: this is because capacity numbers have been restricted, and will avoid the disappointment of arriving to a venue that is fully booked.

Just as at the airport and the hotel, most attractions will have regular hand sanitising stations, and you are advised to wash your hands much more frequently than usual. Some museums and galleries are conducting temperature checks for all guests on arrival. And paper brochures and guides are generally a think of the past, replaced by ‘no touch’ solutions, such as phone apps or online tools. The other thing to be aware of is that the vast majority of indoor attractions will require that visitors wear masks: pack several, so that you’re never denied entry to one of your planned trips because you don’t have one with you. Above all, if you take all the precautions outlined above, there’s no reason not to visit Spain and enjoy a wonderful holiday. We are now living in the time of the ‘new normal’ and there’s no reason that taking a holiday and visiting a place you love can’t be a part of that.

 Are you thinking of eschewing hotels all together investing in a Spanish bolthole of your own? Perhaps you’re ready to take the plunge and make a permanent move to Spain? Why not get in touch with our local property experts, who are perfectly placed to help you turn your dreams into a reality.