Here’s Everything That Will Change In Spain In May 2024

The temperatures are heating up, fiesta season is in full swing, and tourists are arriving in their droves. There’s a lot happening across Spain in May regardless of whether you’re living in the country or just visiting.

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s happening in Spain in May 2024:

There’s A Public Holiday On 1st May

The month will start in style thanks to a public holiday on the very first day of the month. This is Labour Day (known in Spanish as El Dia del Trabajador) and this is celebrated in all of Spain’s 17 autonomous communities.

Unlike bank holidays in the UK which always fall on a Monday, this year 1st May will fall in the middle of the week on a Wednesday. Schools, as well as most businesses and shops, will also be closed so if you’re in Spain then plan ahead.

A Public Holiday In Madrid

If you’re in Madrid then you’ll get not one but two public holidays! 2nd May is a public holiday in Madrid every year as it celebrates  the day in 1808 when the population rose up against Napoleon’s troops in the Peninsula War.

Just like on 1st May, schools will be closed and the streets of the city will go into party mode. Think art, music, dancing and events.

Tourist Numbers Begin To Rise

As we already mentioned above, May is the month when mass tourism begins in Spain, thanks to the country’s long, hot summer season. Tourism hits peak numbers in July and August but May is busy too. 9.49 million visitors are expected in Spain in May which is a 14% increase in numbers compared to the same month in 2023.

Regional Elections In Catalonia

Regional elections for Catalonia were announced in mid-March after the region’s President, Pere Aragones, saw his proposed budget rejected by the assembly. New elections will be held on 12th May which came as a huge surprise to many as elections in the region weren’t set to be held until early next year.

If you live in the Catalan region then the deadline to request a vote by mail is 2nd May while May 6th is last day to vote by mail.

Vigo Airport Closes For Refurbishment

The airport in the city of Vigo, which is in Galicia, will close this month to carry out essential refurbishments. This means the whole airport will be closed from 6th May to 30th May whilst the airports runway is remodelled. This refurbishment is set to cost a whopping  €30 million.

Mortgage Prices Are Finally Set To Drop For Many Homeowners

In good news for homeowners across the country, banks are preparing to reduce their mortgage repayments. On average, this will save Spanish homeowners around 50 euros per month starting from May.

Around 4 million people will be positively impacted by this change after what has been months and months of rate rises for variable rate mortgage holders.

A Helping Hand For Young People

In housing terms there’s also good news for young people hoping to get on the property ladder and own their own homes. From May a new scheme will launch aimed to help
 young people and families with children to buy a home by giving them access to state-backed mortgages.

 It is estimated that around 50,000 people will benefit from this new scheme, which will be available to anyone under the age of 35 with an annual income less than €37,800 gross and for families with children under their care, providing that they haven’t bought a property previously. 

Don’t Forget Mother’s Day!

The date of Mother’s Day changes every year in Spain, and this year it falls on 5th May. It is always celebrated on the first Sunday of May and is typically celebrated with family meals and children giving gifts to their parents.

Don’t forget to buy your mother a gift!

The Arrival Of Obesity Drugs To The Spanish Market

From May 1st, one of the most anticipated drugs to fight obesity will become available in Spain. This is the Danish drug Wegovy and global demand for this drug is already high.

 It’s not currently included as part of the National Health System, but demand of the drug is still expected to be high in Spain and its arrival is eagerly awaited.

The Valencia Region Will See Teachers’ Strike

On Thursday 23rd May teachers across the Valencia region will go on strike. Not good news for parents (or children) living in the region!

This strike will impact teachers from public schools and institutes in the region. Students will also be able to join the strike from 3rd year of secondary school. The walkout will be staged in order to put a stop to cuts and force a negotiation that improves the conditions of the teachers and schools.

May Is Fiesta Month

If you like to party then you’ll be pleased to know that May is one of the best months to be in Spain, especially in the south of the country. There are fiestas and ferias across the country. Throughout the whole month you can enjoy the festival in the city of Córdoba. This starts with a flower festival and is followed by a Patios festival from 2nd-12th May. Its a beautiful array of colour and culture. And this is just one of the whole series of festivals you can enjoy in Spain throughout May.

Help For Over 65s To Complete Their Tax Returns

Many taxpayers find completing their tax returns tricky, and this is especially for true for those aged 65 of over. In order to help and support these people, the government has iintroduced a special aid plan which will be offered in more than 500 small municipalities, in 46 provinces, with less than 3,000 inhabitants.

This Help will be offered from May 7th in collaboration with town councils across the country. But if you’d like to take advantage of this scheme then you’ll need to register as soon as possible. 

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