Festival de los Patios: Enjoy the Beautiful Patios of Cordoba

The patio has been part of Spanish culture since Roman times.

While originally used for collecting water, the patio has become an important gathering place for families and their guests. As such, it's meant to be impressive but private.

The patios of Cordoba are some of the most spectacular in the world because of the annual Festival of the Patios.

Keep reading to find out more about how you can enjoy the patio festival.

The History of the Festival of Patios

The first Festival de los Patios took place in 1918. Although it wasn't celebrated during the Spanish Civil War, it was reinstituted in the 1950s and has only increased in popularity since then.

It started as a way to honor the families that worked so hard to maintain such beautiful patios that were rarely seen by the public. Prizes were offered for the person who had the most beautiful patio.

Now, anyone who's in Cordoba at the right time of the year can see what's behind the wall of residents and uncover hidden treasures.

When to See the Patios of Cordoba

The Festival of Patios is held during the first two weeks of May every year. It's the perfect time to go since the flowers are in full bloom during that time. Patios are typically open from 11 am to 2 pm and from 6 pm to 10 pm.

If you want to go, you'll need to make sure you reserve your space in advance since this festival attracts numerous visitors every year.

How to See the Patios 

While you can certainly take your own walking tour of the patios, it helps to have a tour guide that will also help you learn more about the history of the festival and each patio you enter.

Prices for tours vary depending on the guide but typically range between £10 and £20 per person.

Where to Stay in Cordoba

There are many places to stay in and around Cordoba, so you're sure to find the perfect place for you and your family. For ultimate comfort, we recommend renting a vacation home on your holiday.

This will give you a home which you'll have all to yourself rather than only having access to a room in a hotel. You'll also get a better idea of how locals live by staying in one of their homes.

How to Participate in the Festival of Patios

Unfortunately, the only way to participate in the festival is if you actually own a home in Cordoba.

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Now you know everything you need to enjoy the patios of Cordoba during their annual festival.

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