Exciting New Exhibition Opens At The Picasso Museum In Malaga

Pablo Picasso was born in the Spanish city of Malaga and is the city’s most famous son. Many people visit Malaga to see Picasso’s birthplace as well as to explore Malaga’s famous and highly regarded Picasso Museum.

Although Picasso left for Paris in 1904 and spent most of his adult and formative years living in France, Malaga was still his home town and an important part of his life.

Fans of the great artist’s work will be interested to hear that The Picasso Museum has opened a new exhibition this week. This exhibition is innovative as it will group the artists work by theme, rather than taking the conventional approach of grouping the works by period.

Here’s what you need to know:

What Makes The New Exhibition Unique?

The new exhibition is a lengthy one. It will run from now until March 2027 which means non-residents have plenty of time to plan a trip to check it out.

The exhibition is a big one, and one that is well worth travelling for. It will bring together 141 works by Pablo Picasso that are from the artist’s personal collection. 10 of these have never been seen in Spain before.

But it is the way that the works have been curated that will make the exhibition truly unique. According to Michael FizGerald who is the curator of the exhibition as well as a professor of art history at Trinity College in the United States: "We have not followed chronology strictly. We do begin with the very early work of Picasso and we end with the last work that he created but within that we often are combining works from different decades...It is a group of works, paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints that represents the entire production of Picasso I hope very accurately. and we particularly emphasised ceramics among them which is a part of Picasso's work that is often not shown and not perhaps taken as seriously as it should."

Why Is This Unusual?

If you have ever experienced a Picasso exhibit before you will know that museums traditionally choose to group the artist’s work by his periods. These range from the ‘colour’ periods to his innovative work in cubism and surrealism.

This actually will give visitors a deeper understanding of the artist and the way that his works related to his life rather than just to the themes of his work. This was confirmed by Picasso's great-grandson, Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, who said that the new format of the exhibit would "allow us to link different moments of his life".

What New Works Can I See?

The exhibition includes 10 pieces that have never been exhibited in Spain before. Amongst these are a painting created in 1922 called ‘Paul’ which is a portrait of the artists son as well as some of his lesser known ceramic works including the 1933 sculpture "Femme accoudée" (1933) and a dish decorated with a bull's head from the 1950s.

The Picasso Museum in Malaga is a historic site in its own right as it is located just a couple of hundred meters away from the house where the artist was born. It his located inside a 16th century mansion and was opened in 2023.

Born in Malaga, Picasso died in France in 1973. This is why the French capital also has its own Picasso Museum which is home to the world's biggest collection of the artist's works.

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