Everything You Need To Know To Visit Seville's Feria de Abril in 2024

April is the very best month of the year to be in Seville as the famous April Fair takes place in the city and the whole of Andalusia comes together to celebrate. The city quite literally springs to life to celebrate the Andalusian capital's most important festival, and there’s nowhere better to be.

The whole festival is fun, flamboyant, and a really good time! You’ll see local women dressed up in flamenco dresses, horse events, and the city is decked in bunting for what is, effectively, an enormous street party.

The Feria in Seville lasts a full week, and the scale of the party really does have to be seen to be believed. As well as culturally specific celebrations you’ll also find more familiar fair-type fun including fairground games, fair rides, and junk food.

So how do you prepare to attend the Seville Feria de Abril? Here’s everything you need to know:

When Is The Seville Fair In 2024?

The Seville Feria de Abril is (as the name suggests) held in April every year but the specific dates can vary. This year the fair will take place from Sunday April 14th to Saturday April 20th.

To say that the fair is enormous would be an understatement. This year the fair will cover a whopping 450,000 square meters and there will be 1,053 casetas or marquees as part of the event.

Where Is The Seville Fair Held?

Obviously the Seville Feria de Abril is hosted in Seville, but more specifically in a city of this size, this year it will be hosted in the Seville neighbourhood of Los Remedios. 15 streets will be the host site of the festival, each of them named after a famous Spanish bullfighter.

April is Spring time in Seville and that means you can expect warm and sunny weather for the festivities. For the 2024 festival there is no rain forecast, and you’ll see daytime temperatures of between 20C and 25C.

Planning on visiting the festival this year? If you’re not staying close enough to the Feria to walk then public transport is your friend! With the hundreds of thousands of planned attendees, parking is set to be an absolute nightmare.

Do I Need A Ticket To Attend The Seville Fair?

Unlike many other Andalusian fairs, there are no tickets or entry fees required to attend the feria in Seville. Anyone can enter the fairground or visit the public marquees which tends to be where the wide array of food and drink is served.

BUT it’s important to note that a huge number of the casetas at the Seville Feria are privately owned and as a tourist you won’t be able to enter them. These marquees are owned by families, businesses, or social groups and clubs who only allow their members to enter.

As a tourist you’ll need to find one of the public casetas where foreigners are welcome and anyone can enter to enjoy the fun. Below is a comprehensive list of the public casetas at the Seville Fair for 2024:

UGT (Calle Antonio Bienvenida, 13), USO (Calle Curro Romero, 25), CCOO Sevilla (Calle Pascual Márquez, 81), PP de Sevilla (Calle Pascual Márquez, 66), La Pecera (Calle Pascual Márquez, 9), Distrito Casco Antiguo (Calle Antonio Bienvenida, 97), Distrito Nervión-San Pablo (Calle Costillares, 22), Distrito Sur-Bellavista-La Palmera (Calle Ignacio Sánchez Mejías, 61), Distrito Macarena-Norte (Calle Pascual Márquez, 85), Distrito Triana-Los Remedios (Calle Pascual Márquez, 153), Distrito Este (Calle Pascual Márquez, 215), Distrito Cerro-Amate (Calle Juan Belmonte , 196), Área de fiestas mayores (Calle Costillares, 13) and Caseta popular (Calle Pascual Márquez, 225).

It can feel overwhelming to try something new, but you’ll enjoy the fair more if you’re brave and enter one of the casetas. They have their own unique atmosphere and they’re alot of fun!

What Should I Wear To The Seville Feria?

If you’ve seen any photos of the feria in Seville then you’ll know that Spanish women dress in beautiful and elaborate flamenco dresses. Foreign visitors are welcome to wear these dresses too, but it’s worth noting that they cost a fortune running from €200-€500 a dress. Most sevillanas have at least two or three of these dresses and rotate them throughout the week.

If you want to wear one without breaking the bank then you could try visiting a Goodwill or Salvation Army store to look for a second-hand dress. Spaniards love to see foreigners in the traje de flamenco so there’s no need to worry about cultural appropriation here.

Don’t want to dress up? Don’t worry! Dressy, casual wear will work just as well, and at least half of the local people who attend the fair will be wearing the same thing.

Food And Drink At The Fair

If you don’t visit the fair for the entertainment, visit the fair for the food! It’s truly delicious. Fried fish is a popular feria dish, and other Spanish small dishes like small sandwiches or ham are also sought after and readily available.

Typical fairground treat foods like candyfloss, churros, donuts and hamburgers are also popular and delicious. The overarching theme is fast food, so don’t expect michelin-starred dining here. Fast, filling junk is the order of the day here.

Alcoholic beverages are abundant at the feria. The most common of these is  rebujito which is a dry white sherry called manzanilla that is mixed with Sprite. Rebujito is consumed in tiny almost shot-sized glasses. If this doesn’t tickle your fancy then you’ll find plenty of Spanish beers available too.

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