Everything You Need To Know About Spain’s Touristic License

Considering renting out your Spanish home to tourists on a short or long term basis? Then you need to know about Spain’s touristic license!

It is now a legal requirement in many Spanish autonomos regions that you have a touristic license before you can rent out your property as tourist accommodation.

Here’s what you need to know about this license and how we can help:

What Is Spain’s Touristic License?

Spain’s touristic license is an important document you need to secure before you are legally able to let your property to tourists in Spain. It doesn’t matter how long or short a period your guests or series of guests will be staying for. If your property is being rented for tourist, holiday or leisure purposes then it is considered a holiday rental and a touristic license will be required.

You can’t advertise your property either privately or through a tourism marketing channel without a touristic license.

When Don’t I Need A Touristic License?

If you’re planning to rent your property to someone that will use it as their main residence then you will not need to secure a touristic license. Intent rather than timescale determines the type of rental you are offering, so this is true even if your tenant will only be renting your property as their primary residence for a short period of time.

Each autonomous region has its own rules about how and when you should secure a touristic license. But when you do your property will be included in a central registry which can be publicly accessed by anyone, and will help you to market your property legally.

What Are The Requirements Of The Touristic License?

For your property to be considered legally eligible for a touristic license you will need to demonstrate that it is safe and suitably equipped for tourists to enjoy. These requirements can be extensive and include:

  • All bedrooms and the living room or living area must have direct ventilation to the exterior and have some form of system to darken the windows. This could be blinds, shutters or curtains.
  • The accommodation must be sufficiently furnished and equipped for immediate use by the number of people to be rented to. This means enough beds, bedding, kitchen equipment and so on.
  • Hot water
  • First-aid kit
  • A complaints book


These are the general requirements but there are also more specific requirements by region. In Andalusia, for example, you will need a license of first occupancy for your property before you can apply for the license. If you have an older property you may need to obtain an alternative document and this can be a time consuming process. In some regions you will need to put a sign outside your property clearly stating that it is a tourism rental property, in others this is not a requirement.

Knowing the requirements of your region will be essential to having your application approved.

How Much Does The Touristic License Cost?

This depends on where your property is based. In Comunidad Valenciana and Andalucia the licence can be issued for free. In Murcia the license for your first property is free whilst you will pay for each additional property. This will range from 17 € approximately  to 86 € depending on the number of bedrooms in the property.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Touristic Licence?

In Andalusia, you can submit your application online and we can help you! Working with an expert will ensure you submit all the right information and that your application is processed quickly and smoothly. How long the process will take depends on the size and age of your property. If you have a particularly old property then gaining the final registration code you need can take a few months.

When Can I Start Renting My Property?

The good news is that you don’t have to wait until your touristic license is issued. You can start renting out your property from the moment your application is submitted!

In Andalucia and Murcia typically we will obtain the registration code at the same moment that your application is submitted which will give you the peace of mind to know that your rental is legally protected and registered.

What Next?

Ready to let your property? For help with obtaining a touristic license, renting your property in the short term or long term, or even to find a buy-to-let property that’s right for you just get in touch.

At RightCasa we’re here to help and are experts in every aspect of the Spanish tourism rental market.