Everything You Need to Know About Calling a Locksmith in Spain

In Spain, locksmiths are referred to as cerrajero. The role of the cerrajero is to change to the locks on the entry doors to your home if you lose your keys or lock yourself out of your property, if you have had a break in, or squatters have entered your property and need to change or fix a lock for security reasons, or even if you’ve moved into a new property and would like to change the locks. In Spain, as in the rest of Europe, the rates you will be charged for the services of a locksmith will depend on the services you need, where you are based, and what time of day you call for a locksmith. One thing you should know though is that calling a locksmith in Spain isn’t cheap! With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about calling a locksmith in Spain:

The Services Offered by Locksmiths in Spain

The bread-and-butter daily tasks of a locksmith in Spain include making copies of keys, changing locks after break-ins, and helping homeowners to enter their properties if they have locked themselves out. But locksmiths in Spain are able to offer other services including opening reinforced security doors, opening safes, creating master keys and installing security doors for businesses, cutting specialist locks and installing security doors, and they can even be used to unlock the boot of your car.

If you need to call a locksmith for a non-urgent reason, then bear in mind that this will be cheaper during weekday working hours than it will out of hours on weekends or holidays.

How Much Will it Cost to Call a Locksmith in Spain?

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this because of the huge number of variables involved. Depending on the service you need, the time you call, and the distance you are from the locksmith’s current location, the price can vary wildly. The average price for a locksmith call out in Spain ranges from anywhere between 80 euros and 400 euros. You should expect to pay anywhere between 40-70 euros per hour for labour charges and 80-200 euros for basic services, such as changing the lock on simple front door. Not that most locksmiths charge a one hour minimum, so even if the job only takes ten minutes, you will still have to pay the hourly rate and the call out fee. Changing the lock on or opening an armoured door or security door will cost around 300 euros, as this is a more complex task.

This prices will inflate if you need to call a locksmith in an emergency on a weekend, public holiday, or outside of normal working hours (this is classed as hours outside of 8am-8pm). Prices for alling an out of hours locksmith can start from between 300-500 euros. You’ll also be responsible for covering the travel costs of the locksmith, as well as the labour charges outlined above.

Bear in mind that these figures can vary depending on where in Spain you are based. Before you agree to the fees being charged, be sure to call around several other locksmiths so that you can find the best price for the job you need, without compromising on quality.

Key Words You Need to Know

If you don’t speak Spanish but need to contact a locksmith during your time in Spain then the following words and phrases may be helpful:

el cerrajero – locksmith

la llave – the key

la llave de repuesto – the spare key

la puerta – the door

la cerradura – the lock

la bisagra – the hinge

día festivo – public holiday

cambio de bombín – change of cylinder lock

puerta blindada – armoured door

coste de mano de obra – labour costs

quedarse afuera – get locked out

puerta cerrada de un portazo – door slammed shut

puerta cerrada con llave – locked door

How Do I Know If I’m Choosing a Reputable Locksmith?

Whilst it’s important to call several different locksmiths to ensure you are getting the best available price for the service you need, it’s also important to choose a trusted and reputable locksmith. Some top tips to bear in mind include:

  • Change the locks whenever you move into a new property, as you don’t know who else might have keys to your front door. Make a prearranged appointment with a trusted local locksmith to do this within weekday working hours in order to secure the best possible price.
  • Ask friends and family members for recommendations when it comes to choosing a locksmith. They will be able to recommend a locksmith they have used before, so that you know they are trustworthy and that their work is completed to a good standard. If you can’t do this, turn to online review sites and read as many recommendations as possible.
  • Consider having a spare set of keys cut and giving these to a trusted friend or neighbour who lives nearby to you. This means that you won’t have to pay a hefty locksmith fee if you lock yourself out of your property or lose your keys.
  • Avoid being surprised by the cost of the locksmith’s services by asking them to give you a budget  (presupuesto) for all the costs attached to their services over the phone before accepting their services.
  • If it’s not an emergency (for example if you’ve lost your key, rather than if you’ve experienced a break in) consider staying with a friend or family member overnight. You can then call a locksmith during working hours the next day, when the service will be less expensive.

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