Enjoy Adventure Sports on The Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol offers so much more than sun, sea, and sangria. In fact, it’s year-round warm climate means that the region lends itself perfectly to enjoying adventure sports, particularly water sports.

No matter what kind of adventure sports you enjoy though, you’ll find a fun outlet for it on the Costa del Sol, alongside established communities of active adventurers to enjoy your outdoor pursuits with.

Here are just some of the awesome adventure sports that you can enjoy on the Costa del Sol:

Wonderful Watersports

It should come as no surprise that, because it is a coastal community, the Costa del Sol offers some of the world’s best water sport opportunities. From kite surfing to kayaking, snorkelling to parasailing, the Mediterranean sea is a playground for water sport enthusiasts.

The beach area around Nerja is one of the most popular places on the Costa del Sol to enjoy water sports, and surfing, windsurfing and parasailing are all commonplace here. If you want to get your sea legs then there’s no better place to learn to sail: the Mediterranean is relatively calm, particularly during the summer months, helping you to gain your boating confidence and put the hours in whilst staying within your comfort zone.

If you are an expert water sport enthusiast and want to mingle with the pros then take a drive down to Tarifa, which is known as the wind capital of Europe. Here you’ll find competitive surfers, windsurfers and body borders honing their craft, which makes it a wonderful place for spectators even if you don’t want to take part in the sports yourself.

Take to the Skies

If you’ve always wanted to experience weightlessness and truly be on top of the world then why not take to the skies and try your hand at skydiving during your time in the Costa del Sol. Whilst there isn’t a skydiving school in the Costa del Sol itself, you can enjoy the experience in Andalucia, which isn’t far away. The closest skydiving centre is in Sevilla and is one of the only places in Spain where you can legitimately throw yourself from a plane that is flying between 15,000-20,000 feet above ground.

The good news is that booking an experience at the Sevilla skydiving centre doesn’t  have to break the bank. A day session culminating in a free fall dive will only cost around 200 euros.

Marvellous Mountains

You might not associate Spain with skiing and other mountain-based sports, but in reality, the Costa del Sol has a surprisingly robust snow sport community. Just a two-hour drive from the coast you will find Sierra Nevada where you can enjoy a full spectrum of snow sports. Think skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing and tobogganing. And of course, you’ll also find plenty of après ski opportunities here too.

This is Europe’s most southerly ski resort, and the resort is usually open from November to April, depending on forecast snow levels. In the resort’s snow park you will find the largest half pipe in Spain, and experienced skiers and snowboarders can enjoy snow ramps, runs and slopes that have been designed to appeal to skiers of all abilities.

If you don’t ski then don’t worry, you can still enjoy Sierra Nevada. Hiking and mountain walks are also popular here, providing the opportunity to enjoy the incredible mountain views whilst keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

The good news is that booking an experience at the Sevilla skydiving centre doesn’t  have to break the bank. A day session culminating in a free fall dive will only cost around 200 euros.

Off Road Quad Biking

Finally, if you’re looking to experience adrenaline coursing excitement and adventure without getting out of your chair then why not try your hand at quad biking. Getting into the saddle of an off -road quad bike is a wonderful way to experience the beauty of Malaga as it whizzes past you. You can choose to take a tour let by an expert from the region, or hire your own quad bike and see where the road takes you. It’s a wonderful way to escape the tourists that are drawn to the coastal regions of the Costa del Sol, and during the summer months you’re likely to find that that temperatures are much lower there too.


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