Required Documents

It is a legal requirement that we have copies of the following documents in order to advertise your property:

• Copy of the property deed – “Escritura”
• Copy of the NIE number and Passport of owners
• Copy of the receipt of the community fees
• Land registry not not older than three month – “Nota Simple”
• Tax and garbage receipt – IBI & BASURA
• First occupation license – Licencia de primera ocupación
• Energy performance certificate

Up To Date Utilities

Make sure that all your utility bills are up to date, including the IBI, Community, and Water & Electriticty, and that you have copies of these bills for our files. If they are not up to date, it will definitely slow the sales process down, and if not paid, the sale simply won´t go ahead.

Viewing Availability

Make sure that you, or the key holder, is available to show the property. We try to give as much notice as possible, but the nature of property sales means sometimes we will have no notice at all of a potential buyer wanting to view! And any of the people we show your property to, could be the buyer you have been waiting for.

Simply put, if you want to sell your property, we have to be able to show it to people! If you are out of the country the majority of the time, then giving us a key, is definitely something to consider.


Most people buy a property the minute they walk in the door, so presenting your property in the best possible way goes without saying. Make sure everything is tidy, clutter free, curtains open, and everything is looking it´s best. This includes the garden and pool area if you have them.

If you are thinking about decorating, think about decorating in a way that the maximum amount of people would find attractive - so use neutral colours.

Presenting the property well prior to taking pictures is crucial as well - great photos help sell properties!

Key Access

If you are out of the country for large periods of time, then it would help us enormously if you were to give us a a set of keys. We will of course inform you of every viewing, but not relying on the gardener or neighbour gives us much greater flexibility, and therefore more opportunities to sell your property.

Keys are kept safely, and unmarked. All our agents are fully insured.

Realistic Pricing

We use the latest pricing software, that takes into account all relevant factors when giving you a valuation - such as latest sales pricing for similar properties in your area.

There is a temptation to believe our own properties are worth more than they actually are - and of course we may be lucky, and someone pays more than the property is worth- but with the market mainly being conducted on the internet, your property won´t even show in some searches if it is over priced!

We work together with our clients, but if your property is not even receiving viewings, then it might be time to alter the price.


Let´s be honest, if something is looking run down, people will move on to the next property - unless the price reflects it´s condition. So why not do some minor decorating, making the property appeal to as many people as possible?

It might be worth that initial investment, to sell the property for the price you are looking for.

Ask our property consultants for some excellent tradesmen recommendations.

Trust Us With Your Property

From start to finish, we will treat you and your property with the utmost professionalism.

We know selling a property can be a stressful experience, and our aim is to take this stress out of the process.

With our specialist team, we are able to offer you the highest level of service available at every stage.

We are able to market your property in the best way possible, connecting you with buyers, who are looking for a property exactly like yours.

Contact us today for a professional, no obligation, property appraisal.

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